The way this bird keeps her eggs warm

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I am Dave Plummer, author of Windows Task Manager, Zip Folders, and worked on Space Cadet Pinball, Media Center, Windows Shell, MS-DOS, OLE32, WPA, and more.

Hi Reddit, I'm Davepl and I'm stoked to answer any questions you have about the projects I worked on or about working at Microsoft during the 90s in general. I was on every major operating system from MS-DOS through XP & Server 2003.

My general timeline starts in 1993 on MS-DOS, where I worked on Smartdrv, Doublespace, Setup, Diskcopy, and others.

I soon moved to Windows NT, where I started in RPC/OLE and moved to Windows shell to undertake the port of the Win9X user interface over to Windows NT.

Along the way I worked on our initial version of Media Center, Space Cadet Pinball, Windows Product Activation, and others.

For background info on how I got to Microsoft, the stories of how Task Manager, ZipFolders, and Pinball came to be, and proof (video of my cardkey, office, etc) please check out the following video:

Photo proof (Cardkey, business card, etc):

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for anyone with handsy homies...?

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mom & pops back in the 60s

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Americans need to find corporate sponsors at this point.

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If your kid is a Jr. you're an asshole.

This is one of my greatest pet peeves. Its so lazy, just give your kid their own fucking name. The only time I can understand you doing this is if you have a cool family name or at the very least a really unique name, (think Stanley Yelnats or something like that) but most people who do it end up naming their kids like John or something. You could've given them a cool unique name but you were like "lETs jUSt NaMe THeM AftEr MEeeE".

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Frontline healthcare workers at Stanford Hospital are angry vaccines went to administrators (who are at home) instead of them

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The nerve of some people.

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Anybody else tuning into JRE less, even with Spotify premium?

Has anybody noticed themselves watching JRE less because it is on Spotify?

I’m not sure what it is, maybe YouTube just feels more open and intuitive, but I find myself listening WAY less. Even though he’s had those two UFO fellas, Bill Burr, and as of today Andrew Schulz. For my taste and interests, those are top tier guests.

I watched a bit of the UFO guys and I even bought their documentary, yet it felt so cumbersome watching their compelling interview on Spotify.

I usually found that I could finish an episode in one day broken up in a couple of sittings (Apple TV downstairs, laptop at work, desktop in the basement, phone when at the gym or walks) especially with it being on in the background.

I just haven’t been able to do that as much with Spotify. Maybe it’s the missing comment section? Maybe it’s a me problem? I didn’t like the red studio either at first, but now I’m used to it, maybe the same will happen here, idk.

I’ve had Spotify forever, and have had Youtube Premium since it came out, so I’m definitely used to both platforms. But to be fair, I’ve never really used Spotify for videos, and I always preferred the video version of the podcast, and that’s where Youtube Premium was useful.

Idk. Anyways hope you’re all safe and well :)

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[Postgame Thread] Oregon Defeats USC 31-24

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