Cursed Death

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Pranking his stepdad

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In 1962, an Italian magazine published a story previewing what the world could look like in 2022

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Absolute kings

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SLPT for hoarders

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i wouldnt press its

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Can someone help

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Kid Rock is a Hot Plate of Tobacco Mayonnaise Casserole

if youve not yet endured his new song "Dont Tell Me How To Live", allow me to share my opinion and hopefully, it will suffice for this well-nuanced /s pile of drain hair he calls music:

my review (for what little it is worth): what I will say is it is a music video with a bunch of redneck dudes (1 semi hot chick as a media personality for whom he was making fun of), bikers, and like, what looked to be the inside of a newly smashed piñata of inbreds. The lyrics were bumper sticker lines conservatives think irritate or "trigger libs" but it just seemed more like an aged angry white man trying to convince the world that he still matters.

bio: He wasn't talented. His parents paid into the system and convinced baby buttfuck that he was special; Grew up on a horse ranch in upstate Michigan or some shit, not some down-trodden Detroit suburb. Legit, I wouldn't be shocked to learn the video was filmed ON THE RANCH he grew up on. Then, everybody who needed something a little different from their normal constant droning faygo-induced ICP family fuckfests got someone else to impress their sister-cousin with on the new mixed tape.

so basically, I didnt really enjoy it.

Edit: lol if you psychoanalyze strangers based on their opinions of Kid Rock over the Internet with words like “triggered,” just know that’s about the time all wind has been removed from your sails. It pleases me that my opinion/shitpost has touched so many lives lololol

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"As per my NDA, I am not allowed to discuss this position with former employers. Since my firing is effective immediately you are now a former employer"

Gather round as I tell you the story of the time I got fired at the worst place I have ever worked.

From day one, it was a nightmare. There was 0 onboarding or training. I was simply given the log-in info for a couple of different websites and told to get to work. This company planned large conferences and I was in charge of speaker coordination. I was the only person in this role. The information solely resided with me.

Not a big deal, I say to myself. I'm good at thinking on my feet. I'll just ask questions when I need clarification on something.

That turned out to be impossible. My manager's first language wasn't English. I'm all for learning new languages. I think it's a great skill to have and it takes a lot of work and being able to speak multiple languages is impressive. The problem was that her English was so poor that it was often very hard to understand what she was trying to say.

I once asked if she had time to hop on a call and explain something to me and she responded with "No cranne. Self skills is a must. I am bird without head". It took me a few days to figure out that she was trying to say that things were hectic, she was running around like a chicken with it's head cut off, and she needed me to be self sufficent.

Regardless, I did my best in the position. Small mistakes happened here and there but overall all the speakers were very happy and felt well supported. I struggled on the communication with my manager, but I thought the company was happy with my work.

Until 4 months in when I was randomly pulled into a meeting with my manager, HR, and legal.

Effective immediately I was fired. I asked why I was being fired and why this was the first I had heard of any problems. Why wasn't there a write up or a verbal warning?

My manager said it was because the ten minutes (I ran the analytics) it takes me to respond to an email was too slow.

That was a bullshit reason and we all knew it. If you don't like me personally, fine but don't try and make this seem like I was a bad employee. To be honest, I was furious.

We do the exit interview with HR and then she asks me to send over any documents I had (we worked on personal computers remotely) and describe where I was at in regards to our next event and our speakers. NDA's are really common in this field, I've signed one at every job I've ever worked. But this employer's NDA had a clause in it that worked to my advantage.

I said:

"As per my NDA, I am not to discuss intimate details or share documents relating to this position with any employer- past or future. Since this firing was effective immediately, you are now a former employer and I am bound by my NDA"

HR hemmed and hawed a little bit telling me that of course I could speak to them about it, this was about their event.

I pulled out my copy of the NDA (always save contracts) and pointed out the exact clause and said that it clearly stated that if I violated this NDA I would be sued, so no, I couldn't talk to them about the position.

HR turned to Legal and Legal pointed out that I was technically correct. They were a former employer and I was bound by my NDA

They fired me 17 days before the event. They didn't have time to start over from scratch. I still keep in contact with some of my coworkers and apparently the event was a shit show and manager nearly lost her job because of it. Over half the speakers pulled out once communication broke down.

All because I ~tAKe ToO lONg tO ResPoND tO EMaILS~

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-13.59 % If we are Superstonk we'll get this trending too!

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