I am finally Cancer free! Really excited to live life to the fullest and have fun again!

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CMV: Every fine should be income based, no exceptions should occur

This is the only fair way to financially punish someone, whether you should do that in the first place is a topic for another day.

The only way you can make sure rich people won't just shrug and metaphorically throw a moneybag at every policeman who wants justice is to make them pay a percentage of their monthly salary. Likewise this ensures everyone can pay their fine. This isn't more different than getting the same amount of years in prison irregardless of things like race and gender.

Why rich people should be above the law buggles my mind.


To address the "how" question I get all the time. What I'm asking is implementation of Day fines on every fine. This is already happening in some nations especially for speeding tickets and I see no reason not to expand it to everything.

Edit: Since I can't keep giving out deltas for the same argument. I admit there might need a minimum amount of a fine.

Edit: The idea of choosing between a fine and community service has been brought up. I like that suggestion very much since it's an option for those too poor to lose even a percentage of their monthly salary.

Update: Today I realized how little I know about the rich. It probably won't come to many in here's surprise to learn I have no friends in the upper class. The more you know and all.

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[Kevin Durant] says Warriors vs. Cavs in 2017 was better than this year's NBA Finals between Bucks & Suns. Fan replies: "Unbalanced stacked decks are automatically disqualified. 😂😂😂" KD: "Perfectly even matchup fam... top to bottom."


Instagram post

cuffsthelegend: Bucks & Suns are giving us the best NBA Finals we've seen since 2016... I just hope we get a Game 7

easymoneysniper: Warriors cavs 2017>>>>>>>>

cuffsthelegend: unbalanced Stacked Decks are automatically disqualified 😂😂😂

easymoneysniper: perfectly even matchup fam...top to bottom

I should add that Cuffs is Bron's guy, not just a regular fan.

Additional KD reply (s/o u/jt1757)

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Death toll of WWII in Europe

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The UK right now.....

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"how did you get soo big so fast?" I love her

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Thought this might go here

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Pretty crazy sighting over Pacific on a red eye - its hard to believe what I am seeing. There are no buildings, ships, nothing on the ground.

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How dare you trick me hooman !! Here i come

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Felt like a kid in Congo

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