The Other Guys (2010) has no right being as funny as it is.

I enjoy a lot of Will Ferrell's work. I love Anchorman, I really enjoyed Talladega Nights, but some of his other work can be pretty hit or miss. So I always put him in the category of "Funny with hints of greatness but not there".

Mark Wahlberg, on the other hand... Not exactly a brilliant track record in my opinion.

So how the hell did the two manage to make the masterpiece that is "The Other Guys"?!

The movie is wall to wall packed with hilarious material. Ferrell and Wahlberg have this incredible chemistry as the characters just riff from one another. Alan (Ferrell) is this quircky and uptight accountant who is aloof to the fact he's somehow extremely attractive to women while Terry (Wahlberg) is a guy with deep emotional troubles and infantile tendencies obcessed with being a good detective.

And holy crap the number of iconic scenes: Alan not realizing he was a pimp at college, Alan's ex girfriend and her husband attacking him, Terry's insane antics to get his girlfriend back, the two being repeatedly unintentionally bribed by the evil businesman with broadway tickets, SAM JACKSON AND THE ROCK just jumping of a rooftop for no reason in the first 10 minutes while "Here Goes My Hero" plays triumphantly. The quiet fight at the funeral. MICHAEL KEATON having the time of his life playing Captain Gene, a police captain who is way more invested in his job at Bed Bath and Beyond and keeps quoting TLC lyrics unintentionally (or maybe not). And many others I'm forgetting.

This movie is utterly insane but it's like every single joke they threw at the wall just stuck.

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Don't you hate it when your local ISPs it guy unplugs your ethernet cable during an online match

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The more things change...

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An Inspiring Story

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Looking out for each other.

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What happens when two perfect smoke rings collide

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Thanks, I hate how tall Frozen characters are.

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QAmom (2021) - This guy's mom got sucked into QAnon so he made a series of bets with her and made this movie about it. [00:07:57]

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🔥 A Lynx-kit snoozing on a tree

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Younger women, if a guy says he has been falsely accused of rape, stay away

MRAs like to act like false accusations are really common and destroy men's lives all the time. The opposite is usually true.

If a man tells you that "those bitches" "made up some stuff" about him, run, or at the very least be very careful.

I have found myself in that situation more than once, and I always had experiences with those men that were at the very least very questionable. A sort of not quite understanding no, a tendency to try to push, and in some cases, attempted rape.

In one case, I told a guy I had been hanging out with and also sleeping with that, yeah, he could come over, but my favourite actor had just died, so nothing was going to happen. He could watch some of the actors movies with me and then go home, but that would be it. I went to bed and told him to show himself out. He came to bed with me and repeatedly tried to initiate sex, after I told him no with increasing urgency. He touched me intimately, I pushed him away. In the end I threw him out with a 1 hour standoff of him not leaving. In the pouring rain. I had to keep furniture between us to keep him from touching me.

He called 2 days later asking when (not if) he could come over. When I told him that he had some nerve after I threw him out in the middle of the night, he said that never happened. If I was accusing him of something ridiculous.

He genuinely didn't think he did anything wrong.

This is just one example, but please, younger women, if you hear something like that from a guy, please keep your guard up. They might genuinely not understand that they raped someone.

Additional: the actor was Bud Spencer. After he denied anything happened he came by, so I started barricading, after that I had two (very intimidating) male friends stay with me for a week.

Edit: I have been trying to reply to every comment (even from people who clearly only read the title and not the post), but I have to go to bed now, because it's late here. So please excuse if I don't reply.

Edit2: To all the people who comment without actually reading the post, go away.

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