I desperately wish to infect a million brains with ideas about how to cut our personal carbon footprint. AMA!

The average US adult footprint is 30 tons. About half that is direct and half of that is indirect.

I wish to limit all of my suggestions to:

  • things that add luxury and or money to your life (no sacrifices)

  • things that a million people can do (in an apartment or with land) without being angry at bad guys

Whenever I try to share these things that make a real difference, there's always a handful of people that insist that I'm a monster because BP put the blame on the consumer. And right now BP is laying off 10,000 people due to a drop in petroleum use. This is what I advocate: if we can consider ways to live a more luxuriant life with less petroleum, in time the money is taken away from petroleum.

Let's get to it ...

If you live in Montana, switching from electric heat to a rocket mass heater cuts your carbon footprint by 29 tons. That as much as parking 7 petroleum fueled cars.

35% of your cabon footprint is tied to your food. You can eliminate all of that with a big enough garden.

Switching to an electric car will cut 2 tons.

And the biggest of them all: When you eat an apple put the seeds in your pocket. Plant the seeds when you see a spot. An apple a day could cut your carbon footprint 100 tons per year.

proof: https://imgur.com/a/5OR6Ty1 + https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_Wheaton

I have about 200 more things to share about cutting carbon footprints. Ask me anything!

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