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Michigan teacher teaches students to dance Thriller in 2019

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TIFU by telling an American friend that I bought a negro̞

This happened a month ago, and if you’re Turkish I’m sure you can guess the whole story from just the title...

So, to give you some context, here in turkey a large percentage of the candy comes from a company named “ETİ”, this is a huge company and they mainly rip off candy that is popular in the west, whatever sweets you can think of I’m sure ETİ has copied it long ago.

and now that you know this, it’s time for me to tell you about negro̞es, and it’s not what you might think, dear foreigners.

You see, one of the more popular products from ETİ is their Oreos, and can you guess what those geniuses named them?

Drumroll please............ its negro̞es....

Yeah. And it’s funny because thanks to that here in turkey we don’t even think of black people when the word comes up, we think of our Oreos. When talking about them we very much call them “negro̞es” the way that you call Oreos “Oreos”.

Some hip people like to call them Oreos nowadays, but they also sell Oreos here so that can get confusing.

Okay, you are now armed with this incredible knowledge about Turkish cookies, on to the FU.

I befriended an American years ago, we are pretty good friends and when he told me that he was coming to turkey of course I offered that he could stay at my house because hotels are hella expensive here.

Knowing him, and how much of a fan of candy he is (haha American fat ik) I stocked up on candy, mainly bootleg versions of western candy he likes.

His favorite cookies are Oreos and those are really really expensive here, so I opted for negro̞es. Yet foolishly I hadn’t anticipated that he wouldn’t be used to negro̞es like I was....

Fast forward to his arrival, he already stayed here in the past so he knew his way around, I let him know that there’s plenty of candy in the candy cupboard and that I had bought negro̞es for him.

He couldn’t make sense of this at all, he first asked me if that’s one of our weird sayings and I answered “of course not”.

This was a total brain-fart, I completely failed to remember that Americans don’t have negro̞es, how should he have known I was talking about Oreos?

That must have been the most confused he’d ever been, I guess americans have pretty strong feelings about slavery having had a whole civil war about it, and enslaving black people specifically wouldn’t even make sense because turkey isn’t exactly the whitest of countries.

That was one of the weirdest, most awkward conversations I’ve ever had, and now negro̞es are an inside joke between us.

PS: the “o” looks wacky because I had to change it all multiple times so my post doesn’t get flagged, and I had to find an image link that doesn’t use the word so it’s an older image of a negro̞.

TL;dr told a friend I bought a negro̞, I was referring to cookies.

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