Jackie & Kelso from “That 70’s Show” remind me of my parents. Here they are on their honeymoon. (1972)

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Merkel v Trump

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Madlad outlaw

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Science vs. Engineering

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This guy gonna survive

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My (22M) vegan girlfriend (21F) wants me to get rid of my cat. UPDATE

Original post:


TL;DR My gf is a passionate vegan and wants me to get rid of my beloved cat because cats eat meat and kill mice.

First of all, let me say thank you for everyone who offered advice. There are over 7,000 comments on my original post and I have dozens of PMs. Frankly I'm still pretty overwhelmed with the magnitude of the response. I did my best to read most everyone's comments but obviously I couldn't get to everything!

I would also like to preempt this post by saying, as many users pointed out, that my GFs extreme views on domestic cats are not representative of the vegan/vegetarian community as a whole. I do think that, sometimes, new vegans can be a little overzealous. In reality, most of us are just doing the best that we can to not hurt animals! I did not expect to generate a big debate in the comments.

So, we broke up, obviously. I would never, ever give up my cat Mittens. Many users said that this situation was about control, not veganism, and looking back, I do see a pattern of control on my GFs part. I was blind to it I guess.

I called my GF and said I was not willing to give up Mittens under any circumstances, and given the recent issues we'd had, and our incompatible views, I thought it was best that we parted ways. I said she deserved a partner that shared her values. She then asked if we were breaking up, I said yes. There was some anger on her end but otherwise the situation actually went better than I expected.

So, yeah. That's really it.

Oh, and several users did ask to see a picture of Mittens. I have uploaded one to imgur:


Thanks again to everyone who offered advice. It really helped.

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[Image] It’s never too late to make a change

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They got her back in the middle of the turn up

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Racism rates drop to zero

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Slap it quick!

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