Eating a bullrush

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I unwrapped Neil Armstrong’s visor to 360 sphere to see what he saw.

I took this famous image of Buzz Aldrin on the moon, zoomed in to his visor, and because it’s essentially a mirror ball I was able to “unwrap” it to this 2d image. Then I opened that in the Google Street View app and can see what Neil saw, like this . Download the second image and open in it Google Street View and press the compass icon at the top to try it yourself. (Open the panorama in the imgur app to download full res one.)

Edit: Craig_E_W pointed out that the original photo is Buzz Aldrin, not Neil Armstrong. Neil Armstrong took the photo and is seen in the video of Buzz’s POV.

Edit edit: The black lines on the ground that form a cross/X, with one of the lines bent backwards, is one of the famous tiny cross marks you see a whole bunch of in most moon photos. It’s warped because the unwrap I did unwarped the environment around Buzz but then consequently warped the once straight cross mark.

Edit edit edit: I think that little dot in the upper right corner of the panorama is earth (upper left of the original photo, in the visor reflection.) I didn’t look at it in the video unfortunately.

Edit x4: When the video turns all the way looking left and slightly down, you can see his left arm from his perspective, and the American flag patch on his shoulder. The borders you see while “looking around” are the edges of his helmet, something like what he saw. Further than those edges, who knows..

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How snails drink water

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It’s perfect

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My partner and I getting cosy for a night of Age of Empires II LAN

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She left me on opened so I'll ask you guys what are your favourite colours

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The forever dead chicken, why isn’t it going away?

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This picture isn't banned in China!

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Just a hot lil boi cooling off

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Stephen King and Pablo Larraín here. Welcome to our AMA. Ask us anything.

Redditors, Dreaditors, and everyone in between, Stephen King and Pablo Larraín here. We’re having our first joint Reddit AMA today and we can’t wait to answer questions about our Apple Original series Lisey’s Story, available now on Apple TV+

So here’s the deal, drop us a question in the comments and the two of us are going to go live at 1pm PT / 4pm ET to answer as many as we can.

The thread is open now so start asking away and upvoting your favorite ones so we can see them.


Thanks for all these excellent questions. We had a great time giving you an inside peek into our brains and a behind-the-scenes scoop on what helped inspire the show. Thank you to the cast, crew, Bad Robot and Apple TV+

You can watch (or rewatch) Lisey’s Story on Apple TV+ - SK + PL

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