Achievement Unlocked

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No mom!!! I still fit

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A photo of a Sunrise over the ancient city of Bagan in Myanmar

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This will be the best day of their lives

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tifu by sending my kids to school with bruises

When I picked them up from school today I was requested to go to the principals office. First thing I thought was “what the hell did my dumbass kid do this time”. Stroll on in only to find out that The administration was concerned that both my kids have bruises on their legs, arms, and face. I immediate thought “oh shit they are about to call CPS on me”

Now, I don’t beat my kids in fact, I’ve never laid a hand on them. You see, my kids train in jiu jitsu and have been going hard on their training now that COVID restrictions have been relaxed. It was a very interesting conversation. I had video evidence of my kid getting a foot in the face and they ended up being very embarrassed about the whole thing. Honestly though, I’m glad they called me in because you never know what home life is like and hopefully they’ve gotten some kids out of a bad situation.

TL;DR - School thought I beat my kids, but all their bruises come from jiu jitsu training.

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Yeah, that'll work

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He's going to learn the hard way

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Cursed Gynaecologist

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