This is awsome!

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The pyramids of Egypt from another angle

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Be good to your teachers :)

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I took a screen shot of a TV I wanted so I could check back during Black Friday and see if it went on sale. It’s the same price but Amazon marked it as a “Black Friday Deal”.

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Breaking News: Extinction Rebellion blockade 13 Amazon fulfilment centres across the UK in solidarity with striking workers 🌍❤️✊

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NATO military spending

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😳 zamnn

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[Image] Grind every day

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Whats the least awkward way of asking your flatmates name again after having stayed with them for a month already. Have had several conversations up to this point.

Tried attemps

  • Checking mailbox(name not there)

  • Sending link to bullshit online game (put an alias)

  • Checking WhatsApp for nane (Put a - as profile name)

  • Asked other flatmate who has been staying with him for almost 6 months, he also has been addressing him "dude" since their introduction.

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TIFU by dumping a beautiful girl over her "smell" during sex

I had my first gf when i was 19, everything was great, she's a beautiful blonde with blue eyes and had a great personality.

After a few months of dating she told me that she will come visit me at work (a secluded place where no one can see or hear us) we both knew the we're going to have sex for the first time that evening.

So i went out and bought a fresh pack of condoms. When she came things heated up and we took of our cloths, but suddenly i stared smelling a horrible smell that turned me off completely, i didn't went to disappoint so we had sex anyway but i definitely did not enjoy it.

In the following days i thought that i will never enjoy having sex with her again, and so i broke up with her (i was young and stupid i know)

Three years later, last week, i had used the same brand of condoms and stared smelling EXACTLY the same smell, and realized that the beautiful girl i used to date wasn't stinky - the condoms were.

I feel like I've made the stupidest mistake of my life.

TL:DR i broke up with a a beautiful girl because i thought she was stinky during sex. It turns out, the condoms we used were stinky not the girl.

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