An old laptop we dug up at work uses an overhead light to illuminate the keyboard

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Who is this? Wrong awnsers only.

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A running list and roster of who the Seattle Kraken have been reported to pick today.

Figure it would be nice to see what Seattle's roster is shaping up to be, so I'll update this to the best of my ability. I'll probably update this up until a couple hours before the actual expansion draft to just enjoy the process.

"*" = Player not in their listed position

Current Salary Cap of team: $56.4 million (CapFriendly)

Calle Järnkrok (NSH)Gourde (TBL)Eberle (NYI)
Tanev (PIT)McCann (TOR)Donskoi (COL)
[Colin Blackwell*] ( (NYR)Pitlick (ARI)Appleton (WPG)
-Geekie (CAR)
Giordano (CGY)Larsson (EDM)
Oleksiak (DAL)Jeremy Lauzon* (BOS)
Dunn (STL)Cale Fleury (MTL)
Driedger (FLA)
Vanecek (WSH)
Daccord (OTT)

Prospects/players with minimal NHL time/extras:

RW Kole Lind (VAN)

LW Carsen Twarynski (PHI)

C Alexander True (SJS)

LD Gavin Bayreuther (CBJ)

LD Carson Soucy (MIN)

RD Will Borgen (BUF)

RW/C Nathan Bastian (NJD)

LD Kurtis MacDermid (LAK)

LD Haydn Fleury (ANA)

C/LW John Quenneville (CHI)

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"Blood falls" in Antarctica. This water contains ferrous iron, which, combining with atmospheric air, oxidizes and forms rust. It gives the waterfall that blood-red colour

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A maternity test isn’t necessary

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AITA for telling a woman her child died to escape a mother like her?

Throwaway for obvious reasons.

I (26, F) got into a discussion with a distant aquaintance (sth around my age, F) through my husband, discussion was totally unrelated to health or family or anything, and somewhere down the line I casually made a remark that I only have mom, I don't have a dad. Then some time later our opinions went their separate ways and in a heat of an argument she told me that 'no surprise my dad walked out on me, as he didn't want such daughter'. The point is, my dad died after he lost a long and tiring battle with cancer, I just didn't mention it. I didn't mention any reason as of why I don't have dad. But I know that her only son died of cancer and she is still in therapy for that a couple of years later (mutual friend/acquaintance circle gossips, etc). I responded with 'well, it's safe to assume that your son died to escape a mother like you, as he walked out on you the way my dad walked out on me'. Now she is painting me as a horrible person to everybody who is willing to listen and ofc, she is giving her version of events, that sounds like I just decided to be mean out of nowhere and what a horrible person I am. After hearing my side our friends/acquaintances still say that I shouldn't have retaliated like that, as she didn't mean it, she didn't know, etc. In my opinion you don't say things you know nothing about.

So... AITA?

Edit to clarify: In my native language saying I don't have a dad doesn't imply he's a deadbeat dad, it doesn't imply he walked out on me, it offers zero implications, that's why I chose that phrasing. I encompasses every possible reason under the sun why he is not here but offers zero implications. It just means that he is not recoverable and never will be for whatever reason that makes him not to be here.

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Giannis orders 50 chicken nuggets on IG live and tells the Chik Fil A girl that she's on live with 150k people watching

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I have bipolar disorder, and was in a pretty severe depression for over a month. I finally got the energy to clean my room and wanted to share :)

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