Princes VS Princess. Plurals are difficult for some.

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How Friday's GME gamma squeeze may trigger a short squeeze on Monday and Tuesday

I don't know if anyone else noticed, but Friday was kind of a big one for GME. It ripped face from $43 up to $75 in the morning session. That was fucking wild, even for this autist's dream of a stock.

Other's have already commented on why this has happened, but I'll summarize for this dunces in the back. In short, the market makers wrote a LOT of OTM calls last week, and then had to buy shares to cover when those calls went ITM around noon. This is what caused the absurd spike from $50 to $75 in just an hour and a half. That's the gamma squeeze that everyone has been talking about, where MM's couldn't cover fast enough.

The rest is history, GME closed at $65, and every single call that expired yesterday was ITM. That's fucking retarded.

What this means, though, is that the MM's/brokers are going to have to deliver a ridiculous amount of shares when these expired options settle. Typically, settlement is on a Tuesday. I've read estimates that 10-15M shares worth of calls expires ITM on Friday. Again, this is fucking retarded.

Please note that none of the above movement relates directly to the short squeeze... but it will. Because there are now 10-15M shares tied up in the clearing houses, there are now even fewer shares to be borrowed. There are estimates that the true short interest on this stock was around 300%. Now, with about 20% of the total float committed to the fucking clearing house as they sort out Friday's shitshow, I expect it’s closer to 500%.

Demand for GME will continue to pump on Monday. It's a cultural event now, where every lay person can be a modern-day Robin Hood. The shorts are going to have their positions closed whether they like it or not if this continues (which it will). Since there are far far far fewer shares floating over the next 2 trading days, though, a squeeze on Monday or Tuesday could utterly destroy Melvin and the other shorts.

If RC even opens his twitter app this weekend, it's over.

Positions: Take what's yours, gents.

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A true American gem. Making America Proud Again.

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One of the largest protests against corruption in Russia.

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Hydrographic flames applied to a helmet

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God bless whoever took this picture.

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Old graphics cards had real style

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If a champion had the stats that Kai'sa currently has it would've been hotfixed immediately, but since its an ADC nobody seems to care.

Per LoLalytics, Kaisa currently sits at:

-53.13% WR #1 on her role -S+ Tier -A whooping 44.36% pickrate (!) -21.32% banrate.


She has no losing matchups in botlane (Besides Seraphine and Swain who are niche picks)

Any midlaner/toplaner with these stats would've been hotfixed, but Kaisa has no nerfs on PBE, nor her items, nor anything about her and nobody seems to care really given she's an ADC.

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[OC] Recreational marijuana legalization now has support from over two-thirds of the American public

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Npc patch 1.1 seriesx

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