Dont know if this has been posted before.. But yeahh Fuck You Karen

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Ah, Payday 2

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Thats not where teeth go

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This guy splitting a giant rock very neatly

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I design unnecessary products so today I built a ceiling fan for my car.

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The real tattoo cover

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My 8 year old cousin accused me of spying on her while she showered

My(17m) family is having a reunion at our house and my cousin(8f) often lies to get people in trouble.

Yesterday I had to use the bathroom and accidentally walked in on my cousin in the shower. I apologized and left but when she got out she told everyone that I was spying on her. Several of my family members believed her while others knew that she was lying. Since they were staying at our house for a week I have to spend the rest of the time in my room not leaving unless I had to use the bathroom.

It’s Aggravating to have almost half of my family think I’m a creep and get punished for it. What should I do

Edit:I didn’t hear the shower running because my hearing aids had died and I didn’t have anymore batteries

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And there it is.

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Shadows playing a game

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Dear men at the pool: I know what you're doing. Stop.

So I'm lap swimming, and we have 7 swim lanes. 7. That is a ridiculous number of lanes. And, as per usual at this time in the morning, they're all occupied. Now, usually, you share lanes under these circumstances. Not a problem.

Except this time I'm somehow the only woman swimming, in the crappy shallow lane.

Man comes in, and wants to swim. That's fine. He has to share a lane (which is risky due to COVID anyway), but he won't share with any of the men in the good lanes.

No, he absolutely has to share with the only woman in the pool. And of course, every time we pass he has to graze his hand across my ass.

Eventually, I told him if he couldn't keep his hands to himself, I'd either start hitting, or he could move to another lane. I was here first, and the only reason he came into this lane is that there's a woman here. Seriously, this is the worst lane.

(Yes, the lifeguard told him to get out after I yelled at him. Apparently he's way more obvious about the groping when you can see it from outside the water.)

Edit: If you want to send me more abusive private messages, men of Reddit, please include your full name and a photo of yourself.

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