Does anyone else clean the mess they made at a table in a restaurant?

I always do this. If I spill a few drops of whatever, I always grab a tissue and just wipe it clean. My mom says not to as its the job of a waiter or cleaner. But my justification is, If I can do something, even if it's insignificant, that makes a waiter or table cleaners life easier, I would. Does anyone else do this?

Edit: This went boom.

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The Statue of Liberty in Paris before oxidation and shipping to New York (1886, colorized)

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This falcon using wind and thermals to stationary hover while barely using it's wings

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You can always count on Tomi for an opinion that's usually destroyed by history.

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This is the outside of the couples house who were standing on the skate ramp. Due to them opposing the new skatepark, the people of mumbles give them a beep every time they pass their house

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IamA XXX Actress & Model Blake Blossom AMA!

My short bio: Hey heyy everyone! I'm Blake Blossom!! I am 21 years old, and originally from AZ. I was Penthouse Pet for December 2020 and I'm the current Bang! Babe of the Month! Ask Me Anything and everything, I'm ready!

My Proof:

EDIT: Thank you everyone! Your questions were fun!

Thank you to for having me as their May Bang Babe!

Also be sure to check out my Behind the Scenes of my signature scene with Bang on Youtube!

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Leveling up

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FBI on the way to my house

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There should be “Adults Only” apartment buildings


My wife and I got some new upstairs neighbors recently. They were a bit loud moving in, but we figured that they were just trying to unpack as quickly as possible to get settled in. We brought them a basket of baked goods- and were promptly told by the lady of the house “I hope you guys are good with noise. We have 6 kids under the age of 8.”

They’ve been here for a month. We have not slept for a month. They scream at one another all hours of the day and night, run and jump super loudly, and are just generally annoying. Evidently, they like the sound of our doorbell and will press it repeatedly to the point where we decided to take the batteries out.

We’ve filed several noise complaints, only to be told “They’re kids. What do you expect?” Considering that we’re paying nearly $2000 in rent per month, we were expecting at least some peace and quiet.

If there were an adults only apartment building with no children allowed, that would be amazing.

Edit to add: No one under the age of 18 would be allowed to move in. Should any resident get pregnant and decide to have the child, they will be moved to a child friendly complex owned by the same company. (Original wording was vague) It’s literally one building for people without kids, and one for people with them.

This is a hypothetical situation.

And yes, I know retirement communities exist. My wife and I are in our 30’s. We don’t qualify yet. We actually like kids- it’s the fact that kids are very poorly behaved now and we want to have at least some peace and quiet. For those of you with children, good for you- just raise them to be aware of the noise they make and try to shape them into respectful and kind little humans.

Last edit: I can’t believe this tiny germ of an unpopular opinion managed to make it on the front page. Whether or not you agree, the point is moot. My wife and I have decided to spend the weekend at my parents house to get some space from our neighbors. The stress that we’ve been going through with these neighbors is intense.

We’re planning to move out once our lease is up and will be looking into getting a top-floor unit. We live in America, so this child free building couldn’t exist here. I know that and I wanted to see if people were interested in something like that Thank you all for the advice awards and debates! May all of you be safe and have a Memorial Day.

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