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For right handed, left eye dominant folks.

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[GIVEAWAY] XBOX X GIVEAWAY DELIVERED ON CHRISTMAS DAY! (same-day delivery, winner chosen in less than 24h)

Approved by mods in advance.

🎄 Happy holidays!

I help manage a Discord server called Snail Monitor that alerts you when items like the XBOX X/S come in stock, and a user was able to get an XBOX X from Amazon but they actually sent him an extra one by mistake!

He wants to give it away to make someone's Christmas and I'm going to help him cover the same-day delivery costs so the winner can receive it ON CHRISTMAS DAY (US only).


To enter:

  • Upvote this post

  • Not required, but follow the Snail Monitor Twitter and Discord to get free, instant alerts for when XBOX restocks on Amazon, Best Buy, Newegg, and other major retailers (shameless plug, I know 😅)

  • Comment below the game you're most looking forward to playing on the new XBOX

That's it! I will edit the post to announce a random winner in less than 24 hours to meet the same-day delivery window.

Enjoy your vacation! It's been a long year.

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Men of Reddit, how bad are you really at knowing when a girl is flirting with you?

Are you really oblivious or do you kind of know?


I'm a girl, so good to know that when I flirt with the guy I'm into he probably doesn't realize... oops!

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Just thought we should reminisce this gem.

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poor security

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My Last Day Of Cancer Treatment

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Shouldn't have called me that bro

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Paramedics told me I was having an “anxiety attack” that “lots of women get” - turned out to be sepsis

I’ve been feeling like shit for a few days now. I’ve had a consistent fever along with that crappy overall sick feeling. I got tested for COVID and it returned negative and I saw my PCP who thought it was just the flu. I thought she was probably right, so I thought nothing of it. Then, today, I get this horrible fucking pain in my lower abdomen and I’m convinced I’m having a heart attack because my chest was tight and I felt like I was going to pass out. I yelled at my husband “AMBULANCE NOW!!” When the paramedics arrived they told him I was probably just having an anxiety attack and they see this all the time in women. Then, when they took my blood pressure it was 196/132 and my heart rate was 173. They took it THREE FUCKING TIMES while I lay there thinking I was going to die. Only then, when they saw it wasn’t a fluke, did they hurry and get me to the hospital. Turns out I have sepsis and am spending the holidays in the hospital.

I just don’t understand why these paramedics, all men, went straight to “she’s having an anxiety attack like all women” instead of taking this seriously. Where do they come off telling my husband that it’s all in my head? I wish I could tell them my diagnosis and save other women this bullshit.

Edit: Wow! I did not expect this to gain so much traction! Thank you to everyone who contributed to this post. For some more background, I think part of the reason it really settled badly with me is because I’m immunocompromised (which I told them), and have multiple autoimmune diseases (which I told them) including fibrosis of the liver (which again I told them). Knowing all of this, they failed to take my condition seriously. I don’t expect them to diagnosis me because I’d have never thought it was sepsis from a kidney infection, but showing some concern and not seemingly brushing it off is frustrating when I felt like I was literally in that moment dying. My husband and I will be filing a complaint and I truly hope they do something to change the way they treat women.

Thank you also for the well wishes! It sucks to be in the hospital, but I’m grateful for the care and compassion the nurses and doctors have shown me. Hopefully I respond well to the antibiotics and the pain let’s up!!

Edit2: To the person who felt compelled to direct message me simply to insult me, I’m sorry someone peed in your hot chocolate. Happy holidays, you one layered lasagna.

Edit3: To the person who wished that I will die from sepsis, you really need help. Wishing death on someone you don’t even know is truly astounding. And on that note, since I’m getting multiple messages filled with hate and hoping for my death, either don’t send it because I’ll just block you or find help.

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