SuperMassive Esports vs. MAD Lions / 2020 World Championship Play-In - Elimination Round / Post-Match Discussion


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SuperMassive Esports 3-2 MAD Lions

With this win, SuperMassive Esports will advance to the qualification match and face Unicorns of Love to fight for a spot in Worlds group stage. MAD Lions has been eliminated from the tournament.

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Winner: SuperMassive Esports in 36m
Match History | Breakdown | Runes

Bans 1Bans 2GKTD/B
SUPakali orianna twitchlucian graves63.8k227I1 C3 H4 O8
MADnidalee azir ornnleona nautilus59.8k144H2 O5 O6 O7
Armut shen 15-3-15TOP7-4-72 mordekaiser Orome
KaKAO hecarim 25-3-7JNG0-5-63 sett Shad0w
Bolulu galio 22-3-11MID4-3-64 syndra Humanoid
Zeitnot ezreal 36-1-10BOT1-4-91 senna Carzzy
SnowFlower alistar 34-4-14SUP2-6-61 wukong Kaiser


Winner: MAD Lions in 31m
Match History | Breakdown | Runes

Bans 1Bans 2GKTD/B
MADnidalee hecarim azircaitlyn alistar55.3k1410H2 H4 M5 M6 B7 M8
SUPakali orianna twitchjhin ashe47.5k91I1 C3
Orome ornn 12-2-8TOP2-4-41 shen Armut
Shad0w lillia 22-3-7JNG2-2-51 graves KaKAO
Humanoid lucian 27-2-2MID4-1-22 zoe Bolulu
Carzzy senna 32-2-10BOT1-1-23 ezreal Zeitnot
Kaiser leona 31-0-12SUP0-6-44 nautilus SnowFlower


Winner: SuperMassive Esports in 32m
Match History | Breakdown | Runes

Bans 1Bans 2GKTD/B
SUPakali orianna luciannautilus malphite61.8k218O2 C3 H4 M5 B6
MADhecarim nidalee ornnezreal ashe53.9k82H1 M7
Armut sion 31-2-14TOP4-5-24 sett Orome
KaKAO lillia 17-1-10JNG3-3-21 graves Shad0w
Bolulu azir 24-1-7MID1-4-52 syndra Humanoid
Zeitnot miss fortune 39-2-5BOT0-5-31 senna Carzzy
SnowFlower leona 20-2-9SUP0-4-53 wukong Kaiser


Winner: MAD Lions in 31m
Match History | Breakdown | Runes

Bans 1Bans 2GKTD/B
MADhecarim nidalee azirsenna sylas56.5k138H1 H4 I6 B7
SUPakali orianna luciansyndra zoe50.4k73O2 C3 I5
Orome ornn 11-2-9TOP2-2-33 sion Armut
Shad0w graves 25-0-5JNG2-1-51 Lillia KaKAO
Humanoid cassiopeia 33-2-8MID1-4-32 sett Bolulu
Carzzy ezreal 24-1-5BOT2-3-24 vayne Zeitnot
Kaiser alistar 30-2-13SUP0-3-61 leona SnowFlower

Match 5 SUP vs. MAD

Winner: SuperMassive Esports in 29m
Match History | Breakdown | Runes

Bans 1Bans 2GKTD/B
SUPakali orianna luciansyndra cassiopeia58.1k199H2 M3 H4 O5 O6
MADhecarim azir ornnshen wukong49.2k81I1
Armut malphite 33-4-5TOP1-5-53 renekton Orome
KaKAO lillia 13-1-9JNG5-3-31 graves Shad0w
Bolulu sett 33-0-5MID2-4-14 corki Humanoid
Zeitnot caitlyn 29-0-6BOT0-1-62 senna Carzzy
SnowFlower morgana 21-3-10SUP0-6-21 leona Kaiser

This thread was created by the Post-Match Team.

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Women knits life sized Thanos standing at 8’3”

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It’s okay to be content with your ‘mediocre’ life.

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about where I’m at in life and where it is going.

I have recently bought my own home, 3/2 in a cute neighborhood in the hometown I grew up in. I have a nice job that pays 14 an hour in a job that I enjoy. I also have great friends and family that support me.

I don’t make bank, I don’t go on crazy vacations, and I don’t have a variegated monstera.

But I feel so honored to have everything I have and I don’t care if people think I’m lazy for not going after more. I’ve had people comment that “this is a cute starter house.” and it sounds like what I have is not good enough.

I just wana work my nice job, hangout with my friends and family, and garden for the rest of my life and I don’t see anything wrong with that.

You can be thriving and content with where you are at the same time.

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What's the most unnecessary time you've had the 'boyfriend card' played on you?

I mean when a girl drops a very big hint that she has a boyfriend, but you really aren't trying to hit on her.

My example: I asked a colleague if I could borrow their micro-fibre cloth to clean my glasses and I got, "No I don't my boyfriend cleans them for me every morning, it's stuff like that that makes me want to stay with him."

I wanted to clean my lenses not give you a good old smooching.

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I get the bullet points...

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Wait for me

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Professor Akali intentionally feeding and going afk 16 games in a row just to make a "Challenger Akali Main visits Iron 4" Video

Today i woke up to see this Professor akali video in my recommended

with the classic "Challenger Akali Visits Iron4" Title

And a comment brought to my attention that he intentionally lost 16 games in a row to get to play in this rank so i went and checked it my self

So i Opened and searched the name of the account he was playing on in the video "ProfessorIRONxd" and geuss what there where no account with this name

So i searched the name of his jungler playing zac "Wreck It Ralph**"** And found the game that had the fed akali in it , which is his only zac game go check it if u want

And i found out that he changed the account name to "reeeeeeent" Right after he finished making this video his

and if u check this ur gonna find that the last 3 games played where akali games that he won (last one played is the one in the video) but before that all of the other games is him going 0/8 ,0/13 etc for 16 games in a row

Now Tell me is it ok for a player for ruin the experince of 70 players just to make a youtube video styling on low elo player?

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"Spontaneously learned to read and write."

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Cute Elephant

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