Issues like homelessness and "world hunger" exist for no reasons other than pure apathy and selfishness. The fact that they exist at all is proof society has failed in it's most basic function.

There is enough money in the world to easily feed and house every single person on Earth. With all of the wealth currently being hoarded, the haves could very easily provide for the have-nots.

So why don't they? The most common answer I see is something along the lines of "handouts will make people lazy and the no one will want to work." I wholeheartedly believe that anyone who says this has never experienced poverty a day in their life. To believe that the majority of poor people would be content to scrape by on the bare minimum for the rest of their lives is absurd. The underlying message to this argument is essentially saying that the answer to poverty is for poor people to just "stop being poor."

It's as if some people think being poor is a choice. They absolve themselves of guilt by saying that poor people can stop being poor whenever they want if they just stop being lazy. Yes, they can just manifest mental health, a support system of friends and family, clean clothes, access to proper hygiene, a balanced diet, and reliable transportation--they just have to want it bad enough! Absolutely asinine.

The truth is we HAVE the money. We just collectively choose not to help because most of us have decided that it's not our problem.

"It doesn't affect me personally so who cares."

"Those people made their choice."

"They're probably criminals/addicts anyway."

Sentiments like this go against the very point of society: to collectively benefit from co-existence. Ten people living together in a community will thrive exponentially better than if they lived individually. This is because each person has something they can contribute to the overall good of the collective. So it is worth it for the other 9 to occasionally help out the 1 who is facing temporary adversity. The problem is that, at some point, we all decided that homeless people were worthless and that it wasn't worth it to help them. We decided that society would go on just fine without the poorest among us, so why bother wasting resources on helping them?

We've dehumanized poor people to the point that we are no more concerned about their well-being than we are about wild animals. In fact, I'd say most people are more likely to care about abandoned cats & dogs than they are about the homeless. Because those people "chose" to be homeless, but stray animals are merely innocent victims.

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This Farmer flips car that was parked on his land.

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Saw this on Imgur

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The original Pay To Win game system.

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Paul McCartney composes "Get Back" in about 2 minutes out of thin air while waiting for John Lennon.

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And there goes the baby...

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Baby goats in pajamas!

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Is there any morally good response to, “why do you eat meat?”

Let’s face it, unless you are the small percentage of people who actually kill their own food, you’re buying from stores.

Most of which are supporting factory farming, and even those which don’t, still aren’t that great.

I was asked why I ate meat recently and I have to say…I didn’t really have an answer other than, “because I like it” or, “because I’ve always eaten it”.

I tried to come back with things like, “well there is a hierarchy called the food chain…” and ,” the minute animal products become unavailable, is the minute I become vegan”. But I still didn’t really have a solid answer from a morality standpoint.

So other than just accepting that I’m just compliant in the mass torture and murder of innocent animals, raised to be nothing but good….

What is your response to being asked, “why do you eat meat?

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