My dog Diesel passed away last month. I had him cremated and his ashes spun in this orb.

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Elroy Patashnik is addicted to encouraging white people.

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disrespecting millions for some likes

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My sister ruined my fucking life by “pranking” me for tiktok.

Sorry for my horrible grammar and English.

This morning, when I was sleeping, my sister decided to “prank” me.

When I was sleeping, she came in my room and literally shaved my fucking head. I mean she didn’t cut all of my hair, she made a big, bald line.

I woke up almost immediately, but it was to late.

Btw, I’ve spent almost 2 years growing my hair, and she needed 2 seconds to ruin everything.

I pretended to still be asleep, and when she left, I came right in her room, took her airpods (my sister paid for them) and used my dads car to crush them, and then put them back.

Then I told my parents what happened (not about the airpods tho). They said that it’s “quite funny”.

When my sister found her airpods, she immediately told my parents, I told them that it’s a “prank” for tiktok too, but sadly, it’s not “quite funny” for them anymore.

They took my laptop and phone (tho I have a second one they don’t know about).

I fucking hate my life.

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My (23M) girlfriend’s (22F) diet is making her crazy. How to do I reason with her?

ThrowRA - she uses reddit more than me.

I’ll just get right to it. About 2 and a half weeks ago, my girlfriend decided that she wanted to lose weight. I have no idea how much (she won’t tell me her start weight or any of her goals), but I’m guessing it’s in the realm of 20-25 pounds. It’s no secret to me that she’s overweight, but I like her the way she is and this is the only way that I’ve ever known her.

Anyway, she signed up for that Noom program, which is basically an app for counting calories from what I understand. She eats a strict 1200 calories per day and drinks almost a gallon of water every day. In some ways it’s been good because I get a lot of home-cooked healthy dinners, but that’s beside the point. We’ve also started going on long walks (1+ miles) every other night or so, and she picked up some yoga off YouTube.

The problem is, since beginning her diet, her self esteem has spiraled out of control. She wakes up every morning and weighs herself and then tells me that she “doesn’t deserve food today because I gained .2 pounds overnight,” “eating is overrated,” “why don’t you break up with me for someone pretty,” stuff like that. This morning, she texted me to say that she’s been waking up an extra 30ish minutes early before work so that she has time to get back in bed and cry after weighing herself so she doesn’t burst into tears at her desk “again.” It’s nuts.

I’ve done a bunch of research and even met with a dietitian (a friend of mine) on her behalf, and I’ve learned more than I probably needed to about women and hormones and how birth control affects weight loss and all that nonsense, but she won’t listen to me when I try to reason with her. I just want to tell her that her body is in shock from the sudden adjustment in her eating habits and she needs to tough it out for 6 weeks. She doesn’t want to hear it, she’s too busy crying over a quarter of a pound and swearing up and down that she’s doomed to be ugly forever and I’m going to leave her for a “skinny legend.”

I love her, I really do. How do I reason with her?

last edit: I have been trying to reply to almost all the comments as they come in, and I know I didn’t get all of them, but I really do appreciate all of the insight that everyone has offered, except of course for people like my friends who are featured in the first two edits for suggesting that I break up with my girlfriend… But that’s beside the point. I think I have a good idea of the next steps that I should take as a supportive boyfriend to encourage her to get the help that she needs, and I’m hoping to be able to update you all on this soon. The only thing I haven’t enjoyed about this experience is the fact that this account that I just made this morning now has three times as much karma as my main. Thanks again

Edit: I generally hate people who edit posts after they already have hundreds of comments, but I just want to say to this guy here that you are the reason women develop disordered eating and you should not be proud of yourself right now

Edit 2: I’m sorry if someone abandoned you during a tough time in your life, but I’m not going to leave my girlfriend just because she’s in a rough patch right now. We should be encouraging people who need help to seek it, not dump them because they’re vulnerable.

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Can’t argue with that logic...

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Valuable lessons here..

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New sewing needle vs sewing needle after for months of sewing

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The 66 year old receptionist where I work prints out memes on paper and puts them on the wall

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