Damn Packaging

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We all remember the good ones

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Can't take an hour off to go see the doctor? Say goodbye to your vacation!

So this happened in a job I worked at 7 years ago. My manager was planning to go on vacation for 2 weeks, and she needed to pick someone in the department to take over for her during that time and stay on top of her stuff. I was her second hand in the department, the highest producer and already responsible for many of her tasks so I was the natural fit. However, there was a lot on the administrative side that I needed to learn, so the week before she was to go off was my "training week".

Now, on the Monday, I had a bit of a stomachache. I thought it was just indigestion or maybe gas and didnt think much of it. Tuesday it got a little worse, and after work I tried to stop by a walk-in clinic to get checked out because my instincts told me it might be something. Unfortunately, clinics usually hit capacity well before 6pm when I get off work, and I wasnt able to see the dr.

It didnt seem serious enough to warrant a visit to the ER so I just figured I would try again the next day at lunch. I asked my manager first thing if I could take an extra 30-45 mins for my lunch and use it to run to the clinic (we got 1 hour lunch, clinic was 15 mins away and usually an hour or so wait so I figured that was all I needed). She said no because there was too much to do. She said I was probably constipated and to just get a laxative after work. I realized that i hadn't gone in a few days so maybe she was right.

Thursday comes, and the pain has increased to the point where I couldnt really sit comfortably. I told her I was in a lot of pain and asked again if I could take some extra time at lunch to go to the doctor. Again, she said no, we only have 2 days left to train and she has to be sure I was ready. She says to just stick it out and go to the doctor on Saturday as its probably nothing. She says this is where I need to prove myself to the company and that if I want to move up, they need to see me as reliable.

I should point out too that when this happened, I was fresh out of college and young and this was my first full time job where I could really see a career. So I complied and decided to stick it out and go to the clinic Saturday.

I didnt make it that far. Friday evening I went to bed as soon as I got home from work, and at midnight woke up in excruciating pain. My boyfriend at the time woke up to me screaming and took me to the hospital. Pain was a 10/10 and they immediately ordered scans.

I had a hemmoraghic ovarian cyst, basically a cyst on my ovary that formed on top of a big vein or artery, causing it to split open and my abdominal cavity had been slowly filling with blood that was also clotting and sticking to my organs. My family was called down and waited with me while we waited for an emergency surgical room to open up. I literally almost died.

They operated for 8 hours, removing the clots and all the blood. They said I had 2 cups of blood clots and would have likely died if I hadn't come in when I did.

The best part was though, I had to spend a week in the hospital and another 6 weeks off at home to recover, meaning my manager had to cancel her vacation as there was no one to cover her now. She lost a ton of money on deposits and things as this was a big overseas trip for her family that they cancelled last minute.

I absolutely relished letting her know as well that the doctors told me that had I come in a few days earlier, when I initially wanted to, that it likely would have just been a quick day surgery (laparascopic surgery which is very quick and easy, no hospital stay required) and orders to just take it easy for a few days (which I could have done at work, it was an office job so I would have been ok to sit there all day vs at home). I could have still done most of the training and covered her. But because I complied with her instructions to wait until the weekend, I got 7 weeks of paid time off and she lost her vacation and a couple grand in lost travel expenses.

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Anxiously Awaiting Toy Retrieval

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We use hulk hands to move cacti at my work

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Jim, please

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Etoro got their 1.5% of all GME holder straight from the Gamestop There are over 89 Million Diamond handed Apes out there.

Friday Etoro dropped a bombshell that they had around1.5% of GME holders in their account.

People took this information with a bucket of salt, because how was it possible for Etoro to possibly know this.

According to the screenshot below (not mine, please ape come forward so you can get the credit: -> it was u/jd94jd) and u/silver-reserve-3764 is doing a following up with etoro.

Got the screenshot from the GME Timeline If you dont know the site, please check it out. its an incredible summary by date of all things related GME, I use it to keep me up to date with this new information and DD around.

This ape deserves a medal.

Edit 5: Alright have been in contact with the original poster of the screens (u/jd94jd)

He can Confirm the following, He had this chat-convo with etoro last Friday (28th of May, 2021)He is speaking with Etoro as you are reading this to confirm that Etoro indeed has 20 Million customers/clients (20M clients are on Etoro)

Also to Clarify this once and for all. the 1.5% is the amount of SHAREHOLDERS. that Means 1.5% of the total count of all GME INVESTORS*, Etoro does clarify this in their conversation with* u/jd94jd as can be seen here https://imgur.com/a/X2S6NMt

Also the question on how the calculated the 6.71% has been asked to verify and clarify this. u/jd94jd is awaiting their answer on this matter. The request has been escalated and he is waiting for the response by mail, The moment it comes in we will share this with you.

Edit6: u/jd94jd has been an absolute trooper, he has provided me with an excerpt of his conversation with Etoro which can be seen here. you can see that the etoro support agent can not reveal to much but u/jd94jd is all over him like some sort of rabid ape trying to use the correct syntax to get some answers.

So Gamestop themselves provided Etoro with that 1.5% data,

Along with the knowledge that 6.71% of Etoros userbase has GME.


Maff time

Etoro has around 20M clients

6.71% of 20M = 1.34M GME investors on Etoro (1.342.000 in total)

1.34M = 1.5% of all GME holders which means there are 89M GME investors. (89.466.666 in total)

So there are more investors of GME then there are Shares out there.

EDIT: if we take our 89M Gme holders and apply the average of 14.5 Shares per holder (provided from Nordnet data) we have a minimum of 1.29B shares. this is pure assumption.

EDIT2: Added link to GME timeline

Edit3: alright I see a lot of "etoro allows fractional shares" lets put those numbers to work it has been stated that the real float is around 21M these are the shares that are not held by insiders and institutions. That means if we divide the 21M with the 89M holders we still own the float even if the average is 0.23 share per holder..

Edit4: please even after this post, it is still important to exercise your right to vote.

Edit5: See above in post

Edit6: posted some correct exact values as people where starting to complain that the title is misleading as it isnt over 89M (Suprise Apes.. it is.. I was just lazy and rounded down to get some handy whole numbers)

Tits jacked to the max

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I Would 100% go watch a John Carter Sequel.

I just recently rewatced John Carter (of Mars). It's a spectacular film that set's up an expansive universe if you are anywhere familiar with the books. I'm not really surprised at the treatment the film got by Disney seeing it's timing, but I'm super hopeful an animated franchise can be made to flesh out the whole of the material with Disney+ or something of the sort.

Rant over. Sorry if I seem pushy. I really liked the John Carter movie. It just needed better marketing.

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“Guys don't have feelings”

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The book is writing itself

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