It wasnt all bad

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just an idiot

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[FRESH] Kanye West - Donda

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  • Donda Chant

  • Jail

  • God Breathed

  • Off The Grid

  • Hurricane

  • Praise God

  • Jonah

  • Ok Ok

  • Junya

  • Believe What I say

  • 24

  • Remote Control

  • Moon

  • Heaven and Hell

  • Donda

  • Keep My Spirit Alive

  • Jesus Lord

  • New Again

  • Tell The Vision

  • Lord I Need You

  • Pure Souls

  • Come to Life

  • No Child Left Behind

  • Ok Ok, Pt. 2

  • Junya, Pt. 2

  • Jesus Lord, Pt. 2

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Those Girls Felt That

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Just a dude cleaning his car handle…

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You've got to be kidding me with this, right?

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This doesn't apply to other exponent, but hey this works

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Is this a port to connect a monitor and if so, what kind of port is it?

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I will no longer read anything in an ongoing series.

I saw a recommendation of a comic book by none other than GRRM himself. The comic is called Saga and it's very good. It's star wars meets game of thrones in a way. Annd I thought it was a complete series since it started in 2012 but it's on hiatus as of 2018 and only 50% complete. Any book or series for me will have to be completed before I begin. I just can't have so many incomplete stories (kingkiller, gentlemen bastards, asoiaf,) and be left with the cliff hangers. Or am I wrong and hurting new authors for having their first book in a series be ignored because its only the beginning?

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