People Break into my home looking for their daughter.

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MAD Lions vs. Legacy Esports / 2020 World Championship Play-In - Group A / Post-Match Discussion


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MAD Lions 0-1 Legacy Esports

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Winner: Legacy Esports in 38m
Match History

Bans 1Bans 2GKTD/B
MADnidalee twitch camillecaitlyn senna60.4k132O6
LGCakali orianna luciankalista pantheon71.8k2510C1 H2 H3 I4 O5 O7 B8
Orome shen 22-3-7TOP6-1-151 ornn Topoon
Shad0w lillia 11-7-7JNG4-1-121 graves Babip
Humanoid syndra 20-5-7MID6-1-162 galio Tally
Carzzy ezreal 38-5-5BOT7-4-113 jhin Raes
Kaiser nautilus 32-5-8SUP2-6-124 alistar Isles

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Modern problems require mordern solutions.

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Please I beg you, whatever your political affiliation might be, if you want to remain an atheist in the US, vote Democrat up and down the ballot.

I know it might seem like a good time to vote Libertarian, Republican, or Green Party. Or be pissed that Bernie wasn’t elected the nominee and not vote at all. However, this isn’t the time to make your stand. If Trump wins, your freedom to choose your religion, or lack thereof, will be gone. Unfortunately, the religious are a very strong voting block and they stand behind Trump.

Please get out the vote and tell your atheist friends to vote. Thanks!

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Watercolor sank to the bottom looks like an eyeball.

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How embarrassing

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News outlet clickbait

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10 year old me vs 25 year old me

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