Man checks Mayor where the city tax money is being reinvested. Never thought about it this way.

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Sure, I'll keep my meals under $30 as per the policy. I'll make sure it's $30 Every. Single. Time

I do a lot of fly-in fly-out travel for my job. Usually I am so busy with work while onsite or I am stationed somewhere with food options I don't want to waste my calories on and I don't eat anything the whole day or just buy a coffee.

Our employee expenses policy at work is $30 a day which is mostly fine. But there are some high cost of living cities and sometimes my meals go above that policy because there is not many options, especially if I want to eat healthy which is important when you are constantly on the road. Plus so many airports have completely shut down their food courts and haven't reopened them yet so there's hardly any options but fast food.

So I submit my expenses one month and I have gone $1.50 over the daily limit because I treated myself to a coffee that morning as well as a lunch because I was tired after the god awful early flight I had to take.

The company had recently changed their policy and now a different set of people are approving expenses. The previous people didn't mind going over by a few bucks because it balances out with trips where I didn't eat anything but this new group are absolute sticklers and rejected the expense citing I was over the daily limit.

I tried to argue I had 10 other visits that month in which I didn't eat a single thing but they still weren't budging. It really left a sour taste in my mouth.

Now every single visit I force myself to spend as close to $30 as I can because fuck them. My husband is happy because it means I now bring back (slightly squished but free) food for him. I feel bad for wasting food but often I just buy a meal and eat a few bites and throw it in the bin.

However, the expense policy is $30 a day and by god I am going to stick to it now.

While in the past I might have billed $100 for the entire month because I didn't bother to eat, I am now billing twice or three times that. I also used to push myself to keep working all day but now I religiously take my 30 minutes to go and buy some food so that's 30 mins less work they are getting from me too.

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"I crossed 3 rivers to reach my school"

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Rasheem Greene, a 279-pound defensive lineman for the Seattle Seahawks, returns a blocked extra point for an 80-yard defensive two-point conversion

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Insane how poorly this aged.

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“You’re mocking we the people who have correctly predicted every stage of this scam with a 100% success rate.” This pure blood did not predict his death from Covid less than a month later.

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Man announces to his family at thanksgiving that he quit his job after dropping an album. It doesn't go well.

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Archeologists in Peru have unearthed a mummy buried in the year 800 - 1,200 AD

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Can I vent here? I know this kind of stuff is really common now but it makes my blood boil.

I really have to vent. I had a shitty day and this was the cherry on top.

It has to do with Activision.

I bought Modern Warfare a while back and had played the campaign a bit before moving onto other games.

Last night I was in the mood for a first person shooter and figured I'd pop the game back into my PS4. I put the game in and of course I have to wait 3 hours for an update because you can't even play the fucking campaign without the update. No surprise there.

Whatever I'll play tomorrow.

Turn on my PS4 today to play and start MW. Now I can't play without logging in or creating a new account for Activision, as if my PS account wasn't enough. Forgot my old login (if I had one) so I create a new account with another email, no biggie. Alright now I can finally play.

Some cutscene starts and I'm ready to shoot some guns, finally!

Cutscene ends and brings me to a new menu I haven't seen yet. Tons of crap for multiplayer, downloads, etc. I'm not surprised because I expect this kinda shit from games these days, especially COD. I just want to play the single player campaign for MW, just like the one I played when I bought the game.

FINALLY! I find the single player MW campaign, great!



Why do I have to jump through so many hoops? Is this some kind of sick joke?

Remember the Nintendo 64? I can pull the thing out of my basement 23 years later and play the game just as it was in 1999. Is it that hard not to be so god damn greedy?

I will never, ever, ever buy an Activision game again. I will choke myself to death on my own dick before I give Activision another penny. Slimy cunts.

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I present to you, the tallest building in South Dakota

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