I feel very sad for women when I go out in public.

I’m a big dude 6’2/240. Whenever I’m out in public by myself (running, jogging, walking, running errands) it’s not uncommon for women to intentionally put themselves on guard when I approach. I do the best I can to give him as much room as possible but sometimes it just can’t be done.

The constant looking back over the shoulder a bunch of times or doing the best they can to cover themselves with whatever they were wearing or try not to be seen, the removing of both headphones until I pass etc.

It used to make me feel bad about myself but now it just makes me feel sad for these women. We’ve created a society where harassment and assault is so common that women have conditioned themselves… And rightfully so… To be on high alert whenever a fairly large guy by himself is near them. I don’t blame them but I do feel sad for them.

Edit: get lost with all that “not all men” or “this has never happened to me so OP is making it up” crap.

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Aftermath of worst floods in China 2021. This is exit of a tunnel where thousands of people were trapped due to no information regarding severity of situation.

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[2021 NHL Draft] 31st OA Pick: Montréal Canadiens select Logan Mailloux

Pick: 31

Team: Montréal Canadiens

Player: Logan Mailloux

Position: Defenseman


NHL Central Scouting rank: NA Skater - 23

Birthday: 2003-04-15

Birth city: Belle River, ON, CAN

Height: 6' 3"

Weight: 212

Handedness: R

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Holup, Ultimate Dad Flex of All Time (…of All Time!)

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When you already have a Yellow Card. So Good 😁

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These flowers are so beautiful mom..

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Well ok then

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Idiot repeatedly blocks an Ambulance. The driver of the car was later arrested

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Mystery cat

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*The return of the king meme here*

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