Evil Geniuses vs. Cloud9 / LCS 2021 Lock-In - Group B / Post-Match Discussion


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Evil Geniuses 1-0 Cloud9

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MATCH 1: EG vs. C9

Winner: Evil Geniuses in 44m
Match History

Bans 1Bans 2GKTD/B
EGnidalee akali olafsamira aphelios83.2k219H3 I5 I6 I7 B9 I10
C9shen pantheon taliyahalistar sett71.6k102H1 C2 M4 I8
Impact renekton 34-1-11TOP1-2-54 ornn Fudge
Svenskeren graves 16-4-6JNG3-4-31 lillia Blaber
Jiizuke syndra 21-1-14MID4-7-23 yone Perkz
Deftly kaisa 29-2-7BOT1-3-41 lucian Zven
IgNar galio 31-2-12SUP1-5-62 leona Vulcan

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(found on r/wholesomememes)

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NFL cornerback Richard Sherman vs a Karen

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Then why get a dog???

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Happy Birthday, my man. May we all follow in your spirit

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It sure doesn’t, but for the exact opposite reason that you’re thinking of!

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I didn't notice

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Superior indeed

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If you cover a song by slowing it down and singing in a whisper, I fucking hate you.

Its seems like this trend has been going on for more than a decade now and I'm really ready for it to stop.

Everytime I want to hear a cover of a song, it is always some wannabee impactful wannabe powerful version where the individual covering said song waters down the production and composition of a song while fucking butchering the vocals.

I've had enough, fuck these people, fuck their Instagrams, fuck their youtubes, fuck their twitch streams You're no better than ukulele girls, get fucked yo.

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These are the people who shouldn't be near guns!

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