A supplier of ours now fills his packages with air-cushions made out of paper instad of plastic.

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Sexism in Valorant

I (20F) find valorant very hard to play sometimes. I find the sexism the worst. I'm forever being told to get into the kitchen, to unalive, that I'm the product of incest if I dare top frag. I can't retaliate because then I'm told in great detail how I'll be violated by these men. I do mute, I do but it is so fucking hard when all I want to do is have fun. I find people that are nice sure, of course there are those, and they're great. However, more often than not I find that sexism and misogyny prevails and I will be told for the 5th match today to get into the kitchen or else I face threats of s*xual assault or worse.

Moral of the story, does anyone know better ways to combat this other than muting and ignoring? Does anyone else deal with this? Thanks in advance

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New date, go to sleep. Hopefully this is for the best

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AITA for getting a single mother fired for her racism?

I'm absolutely fuming whilst writing this, so please forgive any sort of typos.

Context: I am a British Indian woman who was born in the UK and lived here my whole life. I married a white man, had a baby who looks Indian. We gave him an Indian last name, and a British first name, and we are going to give him the choice to change his last name.

My son is currently 7, and in the second year. He goes to a private school which is for years all the way till 13. I work in the "high school". He is taught by a single mother who sends her kid to this school because she works here. Otherwise speaking she is fairly poor, and doesn't earn enough. Her son, Mike, is in my son's class.

My son has recently started coming home in tear. He was a victim of constant racist abuse. Most of the kids in that class are actually very nice, and not racist at all, except for 2. Mike, and his best friend. The worst part is that the teacher also makes racist comments.

One example is when they were talking about the England football match. Mike shouted that he would play for England one day, and my son proudly said that he too would play for England. The teacher took him aside and yelled at him that "YOU CAN'T PLAY FOR ENGLAND! YOU'RE NOT ENGLISH. YOU'RE AN INDIAN".

Another example, is when Mike called my son "dirty boy" because he was brown and brown was the colour of dirt. My son told the teacher but she said "well you are brown," and then loudly said to the whole class "Do you even shower? Why are you so brown? Look at my son, he showers everyday and he's so clean!"

After these 2 stories I was ready to crack some heads, but my husband told me to gather evidence first so we could bury this teacher. I put a recorder in his bag and in his tie and caught many racist things being said.

One of which was this. Mike said "Why are you even here, go back to your country" My son:"I am in my country. I am British" "No you're not! Your a dirty Indian"

My son told the teacher and she replied "No you're not British. You're an outsider, and frankly don't belong here. Look at you, you're not British, and my son is right, you should go home."

I got loads more like this, and arranged a meeting between her, me and the principal, who is a friend. I told them everything my son told me and she denied it. I pulled out the recordings and played them. She was terrified, and apoligsiing. The principal was furious and fired her on the spot, and because she wasn't a teacher anymore, her son couldn't go to the school. She was begging, and saying that she needed this job and that she couldn't afford anything else.

Now, the principal would recieve emails from other schools asking why she was suddenly fired and whether or not it was worth hiring her. He came to me and gave me the choice of what to say to them. I told them to never hire her.

She's been coming after me, saying that she hates me and that her life is ruined, and her son might be taken away from her now, and I feel horrible


EDIT: Ok, I see a lot of people saying this is fake, so I'll just clarify some things. The school I work at is. a private school, which has 3 seperate sections, kindergarten, Primary, and secondary. I work in the Secondary school, also known as the high school.

When I said "Fired on the spot" here's what happened. The principal( which is the official title at our international school) said "Your job is all but gone now, I'll have to launch an investigation, but you can start packing your things and saying your goodbyes, because we already have all the evidence we need."

As for the recommendations thing, it's something that our policy allows, and the reason our principal/headmaster asked me is because we're super close friends, and he himself was furious about this as he considers my son practically his nephew.

I'm sorry to all those who think I've wasted their time, but I promise you, nobody wishes this were fake more than me.

EDIT 2: I'm also seeing people calling this fake because she didn't use the slur "Paki". She did, several times, I just didn't include every single example because of a character limit. She'd literally just say Paki to get my son's attention. Like "Hey Paki, can you close the door, yeah i'm talking to you, who else is a Paki here?"

EDIT 3: Sorry for all the edits, but I'm seeing loads of people calling stuff out and saying this is fake, so I feel like I should explain certain things. I had a character limit so I couldn't explain things in full details. Me and my husband kept our last names separate. For example, my last name is Singh, and his last name is Warton. My son's name is Conor Singh, but in a few years we'll give him the option to change it to Conor Warton.

EDIT 4: I got a question asking whether there were other POCs in her class, and how she treated them. There were asian children there, and there were black children there. I asked her why she singled out my kid, after she was put on suspension, pending the investigation, and she told me that she said the truth, My son was British, and the other asian kids didn't claim to be british. As for the black kids, for some reason she views them as real Brits.

EDIT 5: OH MY GOD! How on earth are people thinking that's my son's actual name??? I literally said "For example". It's not my son's real name.

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Wooden Sauna in Finland

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I attended an anti-mask protest, in a mask.

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2nd day on tech legs. 1st time off a wall onto a hill. LFG!

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The best way to avoid an argument. Tongue fu.

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You won't get away with it

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