Sometimes it feels like we’re living in an alternate reality

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Karen Calling Man the N Word Gets Slapped After Spitting In His Face

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waking up after posting a controversial opinion on reddit starter pack

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PS5 Quality of Life Improvements Suggestions Megathread

The PS5 has been out for a few weeks now and there's certainly some elements that are still rough around the edges, as well as other features that are still awaited. Here's a starting list of the common themes that seem to crop up frequently:-

  • Option to swap short and long-press PS button menu functions.

  • Fix bug re-installing PS4 versions of PS5 games unnecessarily.

  • Enable M.2 SSD expansion & VRR sooner than later.

  • Add folders to allow users to organise game library.

  • Release themes for the UI and maybe optional icons (to remove PS Hits banner).

  • Allow Media (Netflix/Prime Video etc) picture-in-picture while playing games.

  • Access to saved pictures and videos via mobile app for easy sharing.

  • Reintroduce web browser officially for multi-purpose use.

  • Cross-platform chat and communities features (Discord-style).

  • Allow circle-press to jump back into game within long-press PS button menu.

  • Easier viewing of overall trophy status in-game beyond just suggested cards.

  • 1440p support for monitor users (note: games will need to be updated too).

  • ??

Let's hear your creative thoughts beyond the usual stock issues & bug fixes.

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this little maneuver is gonna cost us 15,000 dollars

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The return of the king

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Appreciating winter from the inside.

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When I adopted her I was told she would live to 10-11(due to her mixed breeds)...We're celebrating 15 years of doing life together.

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Take a seat you've earned this brief respite

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