I hope he got the power converters

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"Shirtception" - my favorite gift every year from my brother. We're now at level 7.

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I'm a newbie to epic Sci-Fi literature, and reading DUNE has been an exhausting experience.

Ok. I know that this post is going to be downvoted to hell, although I never understood why people downvote a post that has a different opinion to theirs, but I will say it anyways.. Reading DUNE did not turn out the way I thought it would.

I liked science fiction ideas in general ever since I was a kid. It was mostly due to the influence of films and thriller novels with light sci-fi plot lines with the exception of Andy Weir's The Martian which I loved. But I wanted to pick up some classic sci-fi works for quite some time.

So, this year, I decided to give DUNE a go as I wanted to read this novel before watching the movie that was supposed to come out this December. I started the novel in August.

It was going fine until the first couple of hundred pages, but soon the reading experience turned into a tough one. The world building was too complex, and the descriptions seemed to be too much.. of things, traditions, cultures, and whatnot. Additionally, I was having trouble creating the mental images of a lot of things.. example: all the equipment and machinery used on Arrakis.

I don't know if this is how all epic sci-fi is written or if this is specific to particular works but the plot felt to be moving either far too slowly or moving in far too uninteresting way. I think the latter. It was never really exciting to me the journey of Paul and Jessica across the desert and how they get adopted into the Fremen clan.. and the Fremen rituals of Holy Mother and etc...

Unfortunately, none of the things in the book made it a page-turner to me. I gave long break between readings. It took me months to finish this book. But I have to mention that I was reading the new paperback edition. I regretted not going for a kindle edition. That could also be a reason why I read it far too slowly.

I also couldn't connect emotionally to any characters in the book which is strange as there are SO MANY characters. The villain seemed too typical and there are specific plot points that made no sense to me.

Overall, I was quite disappointed that I couldn't enjoy it more. I came to DUNE with different expectations and minimal reading experience in hardcore science fiction literature which I believe to also be contributing to how I'm feeling about this novel. I was left fully exhausted by the end and didn't pickup another novel for this month.

EDIT: Amazed at the response and support I got here and very happy that I was proven wrong by you all who upheld a fellow reader's genuine opinion. Thank you all very much.

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Thought the can felt a little light as I was preparing dinner tonight...

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Megathread: House Approves Trump's $2K Checks, Sending to GOP-led Senate

The House voted overwhelmingly Monday to increase COVID-19 relief checks to $2,000, meeting President Donald Trump’s demand for bigger payments and sending the bill to the GOP-controlled Senate, where the outcome is uncertain.

Democrats led passage, 275-134, their majority favoring additional assistance, but dozens of Republicans joined in approval. Congress had settled on smaller $600 payments in a compromise over the big year-end relief bill Trump reluctantly signed into law. Democrats favored higher payments, but Trump’s push put his GOP allies in a difficult spot.

The vote deeply divided Republicans who mostly resist more spending. But many House Republicans joined in support, preferring to link with Democrats rather than buck the outgoing president. Senators were set to return to session Tuesday, forced to consider the measure.

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“"Shirtception" - my favorite gift every year from my brother. We're now at level 7.

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Young blind girl absolutely loves Harry Potter. Her aunt helped raise money to surprise her with Harry Potter books in Braille for Christmas.

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The hero we don't deserve but we all need in 2020.

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My girlfriends family made me this Nintendo table with no woodworking experience and I am blown away

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