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Caught my girlfriend sucking another man's cock and it hurt so much

- sorry if the title is too explicit but I have no time for bullshit, I'm going to keep using explicit language so if this upsets you, don't read -

My girlfriend of 4 years is a really really pretty woman and she's also a very caring person. Her parents are also good people, and she hangs out with good people. I find that people you choose to associate with is a reflection of yourself and I use this metric every time, I find she's just a very lovely person.

This morning I walked in on her sucking another man's cock and my heart just wanted to stop.. like, I couldn't believe she was doing that to me, what hurt me the most is that she was just loving it.. and the man she was having sex with knows who I am and knows that she's my girlfriend, yet he chose to fuck her mouth and ruin my relationship and his excuse was '' your girlfriend is very attractive. ''

While it's my girlfriend's fault, he contributed to that.

Sometimes people can be so cruel. I don't know if I want to give her another chance because seeing how much she was liking it really destroyed my heart.

UPDATE: I want to give her another chance. I have never been a loser when it comes to dating and I've always had my good share of attention from women, desperation and sex aren't the reasons why I'm going to stay. I just like her, she has done so much for me over the years, she actually did the approaching, she was humble enough to buy me a drink just to talk to me. I can't believe everything she has done was fake, I want to believe it was just a mistake. I'll make it clear that it will take time for her to gain my trust again, she's asking me to stay and forgive her. I blocked her Whatsapp number before, she sent me an actual SMS begging me to unblock her and cried on the phone.

UPDATE 2: I was about to forgive her on Whatsapp but at the very last moment I just decided to say '' hun you ain't all that, I'll find someone else, you can cry all you want ''. It made me feel so powerful and I don't regret it. It's officially over.

UPDATE 3: Reddit really has a problem with women and it's so sad.. I still think she's a very good person, you don't know her, it's no masquerade. It's over and she does not deserve another chance but I still don't want to call her a bad person because of what she did.

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[Post Game Thread] The Phoenix Suns (18-3) defeat the Golden State Warriors (18-3), 104 - 96

96 - 104
Box Scores: NBA & Yahoo
Location: Footprint Center(17071), Clock: 11.1
Officials: Derek Richardson, Josh Tiven and Karl Lane
Golden State Warriors3519241896
Phoenix Suns31252424104
Golden State Warriors9636-8641.9%14-4035.0%10-1471.4%155125137225
Phoenix Suns10443-8749.4%12-3040.0%6-1154.5%835281212124
Andrew WigginsSF33:06104-120-12-312321112-7
Draymond GreenPF32:1384-80-00-0381150153-7
Kevon LooneyC17:2352-60-01-242610121-17
Jordan PooleSG34:47289-156-124-505532142-9
Stephen CurryPG35:46124-213-141-112321120-17
Otto Porter Jr.29:49166-114-80-015631011+10
Gary Payton II15:3284-60-20-016711001+17
Nemanja Bjelica15:3341-40-22-315620012-3
Juan Toscano-Anderson12:4221-20-00-010121050-2
Jonathan Kuminga0:0700-00-00-0000000000
Chris Chiozza12:0231-11-10-021340011-5
Moses Moody0:0000-00-00-0000000000
Mikal BridgesSF41:1221-40-00-002234121+21
Jae CrowderPF28:00145-114-90-206611003+19
Deandre AytonC34:062411-190-02-4651121210+16
Devin BookerSG15:27104-90-22-211210011-5
Chris PaulPG39:13157-131-30-0066115023+21
Landry Shamet23:3593-92-71-101130002-9
Cameron Johnson29:22145-103-71-204421110-1
Cameron Payne15:3262-52-20-001140021-12
JaVale McGee8:1684-40-00-011200021-7
Elfrid Payton4:1621-30-00-000010010-3
Chandler Hutchison0:0000-00-00-0000000000
Abdel Nader---
Jalen Smith0:0000-00-00-0000000000
Ish Wainright0:0000-00-00-0000000000
rnbapgtgenerator by u/f1uk3r

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I bought a $14K staircase today and it came with a little example model

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Secret ingredient in a spaghetti bolognese?

I was talking to a friend the other day, who puts a teaspoon of Cocoa powder in his spag bol, my mum puts Carrots in hers, I put balsamic vinegar in mine.

What's your weird secret ingredient?

Edit- I have been thoroughly educated about how to cook bolognese tonight!

Edit 2 - I think there's enough different versions here to keep me in bolognese for years lol

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I’m brutally honest btw

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Just let go, it will be better.

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You would think 🤔

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Wheelchair for the needy

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