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Megathread: President Donald Trump Signs COVID Relief Bill

President Trump signed a bill to extend unemployment benefits and avert a government shutdown, the White House said in an emailed statement Sunday evening. While Trump signed the current bill providing for $600 checks for most Americans hours before a midnight government shutdown deadline, he will continue his push to bring that amount to $2,000, according to two sources familiar with the planning.

Trump’s delay in signing the $900 billion coronavirus relief bill and $1.4 trillion government funding measure caused unemployment benefits for millions of Americans to lapse overnight. A bipartisan group of lawmakers, angered over the delay, urged Trump earlier on Sunday to sign the measure, saying "too many people" depended on it.

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Very creative Christmas lights

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Stop saying "Believe in Science", start saying "Understand the Science"

Science is not, and should not become, a "belief system". We say "believe in Santa Clause" and "believe in the power of love" to garner buy-in for things that are otherwise ineffable. It's a cop-out, typically used to "explain" an idea that is too difficult or impossible to otherwise explain. SCIENCE IS EXPLAINABLE. Using the word "belief" or "believe" with science falsely implies that science is a) not explainable, and b) possibly not true.

I propose we substitute "Believe the Science" with "Understand the Science" or similar*. It empowers all of us to teach and learn, rather than preach and follow.

TLDR; Please stop conflating science with spiritual rhetoric.

EDIT: Striving to "understand the science" rather than accepting it as truth allows for skepticism and contradictory findings, which is how we evolve. Scientific findings have been wrong before, and I'm sure that there are some that are wrong today. But at some point, i think the process will reveal these misconceptions.

*Edit 2: "I trust the scientist" is another alternative to consider propsed in some thoughtful comments below. Specifically for topics that require an immense amount of knowledge or background that would be too complicated laborious for common folk to wrap our heads around. I still think one should understand *why* they trust the scientists. Are they peer reviewed? who are they funded by? what are their backgrounds?

Edit 3: I don't mean to put down spirituality or imply that religion and science cannot coexist. To quote a comment below that summarizes my thoughts: "Science and Religion don't need to fight, they simply need to stay in their lanes."

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Got my wife some zip-up PJ’s for Christmas...

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This guy sure knows how to take a photo!

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What’s the difficulty in making a pill that actually helps you lose weight?

I have a bit of biochemistry background and kind of understand the idea, but I’m not entirely sure. I do remember reading they made a supplement that “uncoupled” some metabolic functions to actually help lose weight but it was taken off the market. Thought it’d be cool to relearn and gain a little insight. Thanks again

EDIT: Wow! This is a lot to read, I really really appreciate y’all taking the time for your insight, I’ll be reading this post probs for the next month or so. It’s what I’m currently interested in as I’m continuing through my weight loss journey.

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So long, partner

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This fully charged backhand slap always gets me

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