A savannah cat in the rain

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One does not simply ride to Mordor.

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monoply board discovered while remodeling the floor

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Synopsis for 04-13-2021 what we need to know before the market opens DD

Good morning San Diago,

I am Rensole,

Do you smell that?

*insert flashy intro card*

None of this is financial advice, I'm just an ape who found a typewriter with an internet connection

So first up the man with the plan Gensler!


Mr Gensler is someone I talked about before and in length, he is one of the people responsible for making the Frank Dodd Act possible, as it is looking right now he is right on track on becoming the head of the SEC.But the SEC doesn't do anything? correct I believe the laissez faire attitude the SEC has had the past few years was due to leadership, this guy fucks or as other people would say it... this guy actually does the job at hand.



Polly Ellen Trottenberg (Cal. No. 55)

Wendy Ruth Sherman (Cal. No. 35)

Gary Gensler (Cal. No. 33)

Brenda Mallory (Cal. No. 53)

Ordered, That upon the conclusion of morning business on Monday, April 12, 2021, the Senate proceed to executive session to resume consideration of the nomination of Polly Ellen Trottenberg, of New York, to be Deputy Secretary of Transportation. Ordered further, That at 5:30 p.m., the cloture motions on the following nominations ripen: Polly Ellen Trottenberg, of New York, to be Deputy Secretary of Transportation; Wendy Ruth Sherman, of Maryland, to be Deputy Secretary of State; Gary Gensler, of Maryland, to be a Member of the Securities and Exchange Commission for the remainder of the term expiring June 5, 2021; and Brenda Mallory, of Maryland, to be a Member of the Council on Environmental Quality. Ordered further, That with respect to the motions to invoke cloture on the above nominations, the mandatory quorum calls required under Rule XXII be waived. (Mar. 25, 2021.)

So expect news of him being instated to follow very soon.

a very proud bag owner like us <3

So some people where wondering what was up with them looking for CEO's outside of the company, let's get into that.

For bigger companies there are more things to keep in mind especially when you have shareholders you need to report to, so what gives? well once you've made a short list you can still say "oh remember Ryan? yeah he still seems like the best fit" because you have to do your due diligence and look for the best suitable candidate, and even if they pick someone that's not our boy RC this madlad put together a great team so far, so why question his judgement now?

I believe that RC knows what he is doing and he'll do what is best for the company at the end of the day.


(again it says "three people familiar with the matter" so I don't fully trust it but who knows)

This also comes together nicely with the DFV tweet of a guy jumping a gate/wall



Ok this one freaked me out a little yesterday, the DTCC 005 rule was suddenly gone from the website and no one knew what happened to it, I personally wrote it off as either a glitch or maybe they are between amending it and implementing it.

Thank god u/kamayatzee knew why to reach out to

I reached out to John Petrofsky, Director and Assistant General Counsel @ DTCC and he sent me this message:

"Thank you for your inquiry.

There was a technical formatting issue with the filing.  It will be refiled shortly and then reposted. In substance it will remain the same."

This is good news!! assuming they didn't change anything without our knowledge. Its probably best that we compare each version of the document to make sure. Shoutout to u/cisconate for archiving a copy of the old DTC-2021-005 here.

Guess who is throwing their weight to help the retail a bit? you're god damn right Dennis Kelleher.

check this out https://twitter.com/bettermarkets/status/1381737389169635329?s=27

As to my understanding Shitadell and the others can't give up, they are in a "do or die" situation as a company. meaning that regardless of what they try they have to pull out everything they can to get everything in order BEFORE the new rules come into play, BEFORE the Annual shareholder meeting because they may be able to walk away with a big hit if one thing doesn't go their way but what if they keep getting hit ?

Look at it like a casino, they run the casino and it's failing because their normal tactics no longer work.

Disrupting peoples communications is one of the tricks they'd use (bad news articles, shills, spread fud etc), or when someone buys they buy bellow the current price (price is 201 but they buy at 200,998 so even with continued buying pressure it goes down), or trading via dark pools and yet all of this isn't helping anymore, sure it may drive the price down or whatever, but does it change anything? the company is still looking good and healthy and can't wait to hear their roadmap and see all the changes they will implement.

The Hedgies plan went tits up when RC stepped in and they know it.

But you know who is also connected to those two? point 72 and their owner Steven Cohen just sold his penthouse, while this in and of itself isn't weird or good news, I mean real estate shifts right?

Yeah I'd be all in for that if he didn't paperhand that at a 74% price cut.

Granted the house was on the market for 8 years, but having an asking price of 115m originally and going down 74% just yesterday is fishy at least.




Be friendly, help others!

as always we are here from all different walks of life and all different countries.

This doesn't matter as we are all apes in here, and apes are friends.

Doesn't matter if you're a silverback a chimp or a bonobo.

We help each other, we care for each other.

Ape don't fight ape, apes help other apes

this helps us weed out the shills really fast, as if everyone is helpful, the ones who aren't stand out.

remember the fundamentals of this company are great, so for the love of god if someone starts with trying to spread FUD, remind yourself of the fundamentals.

There is no sense of urgency, this will come when it comes, be a week, be it a month be it six.

We don't care, just be nice and lets make this community as Excellent as we can!

Remember none of this is financial advice, I'm so retarded I'm not allowed to go to the zoo 'cause they'll put me in the cage with the rest of my ape brothers.

If anything happens throughout the day I will be adding it here.







And I'll be posting updates as they happen here:

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Lewis Capaldi sits next to a comic legend, a list beauties and an oscar nominee and steals the show from them all within a few minutes of opening his mouth. What a guy.

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Should I do it ?

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🔥 squirrel comes everyday to rest on tulsi plant.

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All the cool kids max sneak

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Peelometric, Adam Hillman, Fruits, 2020

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