My pizza box gave suggestions for alternate uses

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Our baby announcement photo. My wife looked so obnoxiously thin 24 hours after delivery that I joked I looked like the one who had just delivered. So we decided to swap for a funny photo.

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Barack Obama - Leader of the free world with great music taste, or disgusting neoliberal imperialist war criminal attempting to cultivate a fake lifestyle brand? r/popheads discusses.

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People debate over whether it's real or a grasp at staying relevant:

Idk why I find it so weird to think about Obama listening to music. I can’t picture him sitting down with headphones on listening to music.

what's always funny to me about these obama lists every single year is how blatant and cynical the ploy is, and how it works anyway. like, he very obviously puts these things out as a way to extend his fading reputation as the "cool president" for as long as possible despite his open contempt for young people and any genuine righteous movement. i thought maybe all those hilarious quotes from his book, him constantly scolding people for wanting to accomplish anything, or him basically singlehandedly killing the nba strike and the bernie campaign would've finally been the killing blow for Cool Obama but it always seems to be erased when he gets some unpaid intern to write down the last 50 songs that played on npr and say its his taste. its a genius move, i gotta hand it to him

The moment I knew I grew up was when I genuinely started to realize his “cool dad” image is really an image. Just sharing this here because it’s fascinating to see how this sentiment is widely shared. I mean just look at the discussion post from last year and the year before— way more enthusiastic. This year has really changed our engagement and criticisms of politicians.

Into the juicier stuff, where others jump to point out war crimes and other controversies, sparking debate on the ethics of the Obama presidency itself:

neoliberal imperialist war criminal millionaire releases focus grouped music list for PR reasons

The three things he’s done in 2020 are 1.) convince Pete to drop out and endorse Biden to destroy Bernie, 2.) convince Lebron not to strike for racial justice, 3.) complain about the phrasing of “defund the police”. He’s an absolute ghoul and will continue to appear every phew months to squash progressive movements.

😔 nobody's perfect 😢 everyone commits war crimes in countries that people lack the awareness and/or empathy to care about and then continues to curate the image that they're a humanitarian hero after the fact sometimes 😭 cancel culture has gone too far

"Radicalism is good, because having a strong advocate for radical ideas is necessary for progress. But most successful large-scale changes in American politics will require a president, a majority in the House, and 60 votes in the Senate - and require that the conservative Supreme Court doesn't find a pretense to strike it down - so even President Bernie Sanders would have a difficult time getting a fraction of his agenda through"


the levitating remix instead of the original AND no ethereal bisexuals? obama is officially in his flop era 😳

the Biden presidency is going to be like the Blessed Madonna Remix of the Obama presidency

We stan a drone striking, surveillance state expanding, deportation king with taste 😍😍😍

"TIL popheads hates Obama" "Because he’s not a Swiftie"

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This poor dog couldn't even function mentally like a normal dog. The recovery is pretty remarkable.

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My boyfriend gave me roller skates for Christmas. My mom proceeded to tell me how dumb of a present it is.

I’m kinda sad... I really like this present. I’m 21 years old, I understand how it sounds childish but he actually knew I wanted them for a long time and surprised me with them, we immediately went outside to try them and we had a lot of fun seeing my ass fall on the ground multiple times.

It completely ruined it once I brought them home and my mom told me we “ live in a different reality” like if presents where supposed to always be something we need. She never gave me anything I really wanted, only stuff I needed, like socks or materials for classes. I don’t understand why silly things that simply make us happy are a bad present. I don’t wanna let her ruin it, please tell me I’m not the crazy one.


Edit: I’m overwhelmed by your comments, I wanted to say thank you and I feel a lot better. I’m reading and replying to every single comment I can but I’ll have to go to bed soon, I just wanted to let you know that I’ll read them regardless. Thank you so much!!!

Edit 2: my boyfriend has Reddit, I’m not telling him about the post, I wanna see if it shows up on his popular page haha if you’re him reading this then hello there sir 👋 hehehe

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You hear that r/waifuism

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[OC] When he gets a new game

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Hand stuck in the glass prank

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I was told my work might fit here. Restored century old mausoleum doors

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I do not want to know anything about the match or this place, I just want to know how he managed to make the chicken a pillow and persuade her to watch with him.

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