Joe Rogan, basically

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If you can't do the time, don't do the crime

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Piranhas devouring the remaining meat on a cattle skull

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Parents who ‘pranked’ their kids now losing custody

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'Excuse me, pardon me, yes I ordered the frap-pooch-ino, thank you.'

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Recently rewatched the movie Contact - it's one of the best movies ever made.

I just watched this movie for maybe the 10th time, and I'm just now realizing that there's so much more to it than a sci-fi movie.

To me, the story explores the way science, religion, and politics all influence each other.

It also explores the human (and maybe all life) need to find meaning and purpose, and that our primary way of finding meaning is by experiencing togetherness, or closeness with each other, and with other things out in the universe.

It poses the question of whether science and religion are ultimately seeking the same thing - the truth about why we are here, and how we got here.

It also discusses how civilizations rise and fall in cycles, not just here on Earth, but everywhere in the universe. Elle's question that she would ask the aliens if she had a chance was "how did you deal with technological adolescence without killing each other?" It implies that all living things go through growing pains while they're figuring out how to live, and how to live with each other. How do we deal with our primal instincts for power but also for love? It's a constant push and pull of wanting to be the only one who's special, while at the same time wanting to be loved.

This is way more than a movie about space and extra-terrestrial life. It's about human nature, the nature of the world and universe, and the evolution of life over time and space. One of the best movies that has ever been created for sure.

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Ahhhh... To be back in 2019 in downtown Nashville when we didn’t have to wear masks. Oh wait, this videos from Jan 1 2021 :(.

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TIFU by not showering with my best friend

Obligatory "not today" this happened 9 years ago but I only realised today it was a fuck up

I (27F) was talking to my husband (28M) about the differences between girl friendships and boy friendships. Mainly we were discussing that girls are generally more physically affectionate with each other than boys are.

I decided to bring up an example about the best friend I had when I was 16 until 20: We would spoon watching films, hold hands, cuddle asleep during sleepovers etc. Then I mentioned we would practise kissing each other so we'd be experts whenever we kissed boys.

At this point my husband stopped me to say that that's not friendly affection. It's worth pointing out that I am bisexual so for some reason I somehow assumed he was saying I couldn't have been affectionate with my friend because of this.

I began defending it "No no it wasn't like that!" and then went on to prove it by saying "We even used to take turns showering together and the other would just chill in the bathroom chatting with us." He was baffled by this and asked why. I didnt really have an answer other than whenever I was at her house, and we had the place to ourselves, she'd always want to try a new face mask or hair dye/product and while we initially would take turns showering she suggested we both just stay in the room to keep each other company.

ETA: I swear thought I'd mentioned this but apparently not! When she suggested the shower thing she initially said we should shower together to save water and time since we could help wash each others hair etc. I'd panicked and kind of babbled excuses about "oh we wouldn't both fit and it would be just as quick to wait for the other to finish" hence why we ended up sitting in the bathroom while the other showered then swapping

I then pointed out she knew I was bi and I'd never wanted her to feel uncomfortable so I'd always made sure when she was showering to look away and if she asked me to look over for any reason I would completely maintain eye contact the entire time. Which to me proved it was nothing romantic at all!

I pointed out how difficult I found the entire experience because I'd had a massive crush on her and she'd always made jokes about how we didnt need boys because we had each other/ she wished we could just live together and make out all the time which just made the crush worse!

ANYWAY after some back and forth with my husband (who at this point was crying with laughter after I'd explained how hard it was to maintain the eye contact since often she'd ask me to look at stretch marks/freckles/ends of her hair) he finally got me to realise she was very likely trying to sleep with me and I'd been so worried about revealing my crush and ruining our friendship I hadnt noticed!

TLDR was so scared of friend finding out about my crush I didnt realise she may have been trying to seduce me

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A man in India protesting for better roads

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See, his mistake was in trying to reason with her

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