This is my stop, I need to get off here!

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That damned smile in the end made my day

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This what cat engagement photos would look like.

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This Whale is named Blade Runner because she survived being cut up by a boat propeller in 2001

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Them be straight

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Accidentally left wing

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These ancient statues kept apart

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r/blackpeopletwitter is the most racist sub on Reddit and we shouldn't be allowing it to operate the way it does.

Imagine if r/whitepeopletwitter made you confirm your whiteness by sending a picture of your forearm to the mods. Or had a country club mode, where only confirmed white people were allowed to participate.

It would be banned immediately because that's a horribly racist thing to do.

So why is this allowed on r/blackpeopletwitter?

Saying "it's okay to be a POC and discriminate against white people because historically, white people have discriminated against POC" is an insane and racist argument.

How about we just stop discriminating?

Im not saying ignore race. It's okay to be a different color, have a different culture, a different set of beliefs, different interests, etc. That's what being human is.

What's not okay, is discriminating against people on that basis.

If you're a POC and you're okay with, or worse encouraging discrimination, then you're a racist.

I'm so tired of this double standard.

Edit: I've tried to answer every single comment I can.

I will debate this in any forum. And again, my position is anti-racism. I am shocked at how many people are defending racism.

Racism is racism. If you discriminate of the basis of skin color, you're racist. Its that simple. There are no qualifying factors.

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Brickwork sculpture

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How close can you kick

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