LPT: Lads - if you can't do "handsome", do "tidy".

Some of us are born with good looks, or work hard to achieve a gorgeous body, or naturally grow into a chiselled jaw line... For various reasons you might not be able to do these things, but you can be tidy.

It's honestly surprising how far a neat haircut, clean well-fitting clothes, and subtle aftershave will go in a... • job interview • date • any social event!

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BLACK and GAY guy OWNS libs by telling her she had a JOB

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I miss going to the movie theater.

i miss going to the movie theater.

i miss the crowds and the popcorn. i miss planning my weekend around what movies were coming out. i miss the laughs and the hype. i miss the disappointment and the sadness. i miss the 10 PM thursday night showings with no one else in the room. i miss not caring about anything else for 2 hours.

i really miss going to the movie theater.

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Exploitation does not end with the abolishment of capitalism. Only the name changes but exploitation still continues.

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I thought the guy was too afraid of the bird at first...

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In Avengers: Endgame (2019), Scarlet Johansson throws herself off a cliff so she doesn’t have to be part of the girl power scene

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[OC] How Full-Casters & Paladins See Spell Slots

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Stop trying to manipulate markets in the daily threads

This shit is fucking stupid, and it's no doubt due to the easy access to trading that a 14 year old somehow finds a $20 bill on the street and buys a meme share.

I've been seeing more and more in the daily threads these fucking nitwits saying shit like, "If we all collaborate and share our insider knowledge we can manipulate the markets!!!!!1111oneeleven"

These are not chuckee cheese tokens you're trading in for pencil erasers. This is real world shit, with billions upon billions of dollars and brutally wealthy and influential people and organizations.

So you fucking kids that keep spamming this shit, please kindly pay attention:

What you're trying to do is illegal.

You're not special or unique because you came up with this idea taking a break from your geometry homework

You are enjoying an unprecedented age of easy access to markets that have historically tried to keep you out of them

Learn the fucking rules of the game. Don't wing off with your stupid bullshit. If you want what we're doing here to continue, get some fucking hair on your balls before you start spouting off shit you have no understanding of. This is a meme sub, but it's not your fucking advice animals memes. Many, many people here smart, experienced, and doing you a favor by even posting their DD. It's your job to shut the fuck up, pay attention, and filter the bullshit from the useful shit and then make educated decisions.

Lots of organizations with lots of money are watching this retail investment uprising, and don't think for one fucking second that they aren't figuring out ways to take our money, or remove us from the equation so they can continue business as usual.

Now, have a good weekend, and when your mom makes you breakfast on Saturday, fucking thank her, and be grateful you're even allowed here.

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This is nice :)

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Good Morning, can I've long ride on Weekend plz 😇

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