Chloë Grace Moretz talking about being sexualized at age 16

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Lasagna is the most hardcore game!

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Shut up peasant

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Your spouse is more important than your child(ren).

I've been married to my wife for 16 years. We've had 3 children together and we (she) homeschools them. We both are on our first marriage.

Putting your spouse before your children, as a natural byproduct, enhances your children's lives and enhances the lives of the married couple.

The married couple has a better relationship, thereby every aspect of their lives, that are in their control, is bettered.

The children's lives are bettered by having a better example of what a healthy relationship looks like and living in a more stable and loving home.

The statistics don't lie. Complete nuclear families are basically a cheat code for success in growing children and on into the rest of their lives.

Love your kids more by loving your spouse first.

Edit: wow my first awards on reddit. Thanks! I just wanted to share this in hopes that it would help someone out there in their marriage. There's too many negative feelings out there and we can start with the person you love across from you in your own home.

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Gang is always there <3

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Gen Z vs Boomers

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Sad reality..

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[story] | my recovery from addiction - My name is Hunter Michael Shepard and I am an addict in long term recovery 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 if you’re struggling today just know there is hope. Put the dope down and fucking crush life. You’re worth it.

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LPT: Never hold 100% to any belief that you are absolutely sure of . always leave atleast a 1% chance to question your belief in light of new information

Chances are that if you starts to question something , there would be so much evidence for the belief that you are holding that you would rightly reject the supposed new information which may or may not be true and just a plain rumor

Eg Flat Earth ... There is so many evidence in favour of the earth not flat that no new rumor or any new conspiracy theory will hold

EDIT This Blew Up . I agree this is something not a LPT and should be obvious from get go ... but for the last month faced us with scenario where some of my friend lack of open mindedness left us with terrible loss. Many people I know just dont want to listen and act a dangerous precedent ... As long as you are willing to rationalize and use mind you would be comapartively less to get caught in cult mentality .....

I think Just having an Acceptance that this might be something true even I am sure of the other and do your own research and with enough evidence claim or reject something is what is required

EDIT 2 The obvious LPT definately is more in the context of everyday life and situations. Obviously there are accepted facts that Holocaust Happened , moon revolves around the sun , earth is not flat etc which have Something we Have large amount of evidence that supports it

EDIT 3 I think If there is something that you heard on fb and a new conspiracy theory , its definately have a higher chance that you would reject that because there is nothing that would support that unfounded claim

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WCGW trying to fish on live tv

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