Gun Toting Gangster Gets A Big Surprise!!!

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If anyone was wondering how far Star Citizen physics improvements have gotten after 10 years of development.

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One Piece chapter 1015 spoilers

Korean source

Chapter title- "Chains"

Brief summary thanks to Redon-

- The chapter begins with the reaction of Luffy's allies upon learning of his defeat.

- Samurai: "Is it useless to continue fighting? Is Momonosuke-sama safe?"

- Queen says he was just playing with Chopper.

- Perospero launches a new arrow attack.

- Sanji appears and attacks Queen and Perospero (what is seen in the image).

- Sanji Vs. Queen.

- We passed Kaidou and Kinemon.

- Momonosuke informs everyone through the frog Mary that Luffy is alive (it is the voice he heard in the previous chapter).

- Shinobu and Momonosuke escape from Kaidou, who continues to chase them.

- Luffy is rescued (the Korean does not say who it was to avoid the YouTubers).

- Something like Zeus talks to Nami.

- Kid and Law Vs. Big Mom.

Yamato: "Kaidou !!

Kaidou:" Call me "father" ... Yamato !! "

Yamato:" I'm here to break this chain that binds me to you !!! "

Who rescued Luffy? (Strawpoll)


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[OC] Where is each chess piece usually captured? Data from 15000 games

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Jamie Lee Curtis shares an image from the set of BORDERLANDS

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He's a great guy

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Must've been awkward

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I'm looking at you, Texas beachgoers.

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In Captain America: The First Avenger (2011), the bartender is played by Leander Deeny, who was the body double for skinny pre-serum Steve Rogers.

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Sir you can't-

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