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The most peaceful and wholesome doggo🥺🥰

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I guess she's over the Floss?

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I made this from walnut, cherry and maple, a few hours ago. A fellow redditor told me this may belong here.

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Just got dumped ,decided to make a meme to laugh it off

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My partner wants me to have a C-section because he wants me "to be tight". I've kicked him out of the house.

At first I thought it was a "joke" but when I saw he was serious I was offended to my core (not that a "joke" like would be ok).

I'm shocked because he's always portrayed himself to be a feminist, so a comment like that was very weird. But he insisted that the last thing he wants is for our sex live to be "ruined" because I'll never be as tight as I'm now and he had the f*cking balls to lecture me that "for this relationship to work you have to make sacrifices".

I told him not gonna happen and he said I'm being selfish and this is proof I can't put his needs above mine. I'm the breadwinner and I'm supporting him while he makes his jarrarium business take off, because he refuses to get a paying job and wants to pursue his passion. I understand this and tried to be supportive.

A few months ago he asked to move in with me because his parents were 'smothering' him. While I work 10 hour shifts he doesn't cook, clean, run errands, nothing. I pay for our bills, rent, food, gas for his car and his jarrarium supplies.

Excuse me but if this isn't being the very definition of a supportive girlfriend I don't know what is. So that comment was the last straw. That that's his main concern and hill to die on was appalling.

So I kicked him out. I love him, he may be a parasite, as my sister says, but I truly thought I was helping someone pursue their passion. I don't think he was taking advantage of me with malice, he was always a momma's boy and living with me was easy for him because, like at his mom's place, here he didn't have to do laundry, cook, pay bills, etc.

But I'm done. I deserve better. I deserve a real partner who helps out and who's main concern isn't my vagina's "tightness", not a grown man-child to take care of. I'm still in love with him but I'll get over it. I just don't want him as my partner anymore.

Edit- Since this is creating a lot of interest, a jarrarium (r/Jarrariums) is a a micro-aquarium, a totally self-sustaining ecosystem (unlike my now ex) built in a small container like a jar or fish bowl.

Edit 2- to give visibility to, a non profit that sends safe abortive pills by mail to countries all over the world where women are not provided access to safe abortion. I wasn't planning to have a baby (I was on the pill) but I am lucky enough to be in a position where I am mentally and economically ready to have one, but if this had happened 10 years ago, when I didn't have money and wasn't ready, I would have had an abortion.

Many women find themselves in situations where their birth control fails (yes, that actually happens!), are victims of assault, etc, and they're not be able/nor want to have a child, for whatever reason that's nobody's business but their own. That, coupled with countries where their rights are not respected and they're not offered access to safe abortion, puts women in danger.

So I just want to use the visibility this post is getting to encourage you to check out should you need it, they have all the information on their website. It's 100% legit and they will help you. The cost is very low and the packaging is discreet, plus the site is run by actual doctors. There are other resources like r/auntienetwork where you can get help. If someone can provide more links I'll be happy to add them here.

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“Student came to me & said Dr.Dix I'm going to miss class… I don't have a babysitter. I said yes you do, bring him to class I'll take care of him.” - drqeel_ifbbpro/IG

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🔥 Another morning on the Serengeti

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Percent who own guns

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I swear he poses for the camera sometimes

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