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This mushroom sofa is what this sub was made for.

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Rakuten Securities won’t let us apes vote because according to them they use Interactive Brokers as their US custodian and the shares are under Rakuten and not under our names!


Tiger Brokers who use Interactive Brokers as their US custodian under Tiger Brokers name let apes vote because of high demand for voting! IF THEY WORK THE SAME AS RAKUTEN THEN RAKUTEN HAS NO EXCUSE! THEY ARE LAZY AND INCOMPETENT!

Let’s get 楽天証券無能 (Rakuten Securities incompetent) trending on Twitter!!!

Anyone who is Japanese or international, knows Japanese or even just google translate is enough!!! We need to push them to let us VOTE!

Please, this is a cry for help. Most Japanese GME holders don’t know about the DD so there has not been a big movement yet. I’m trying my best to inform people around me but there’s not much I can do alone.

I have so much love and respect for all you Apes!

Edit3# comment by u/HalleysComet41

I would recommend adding the hashtag #ゲームストップ事件 or gamestop incident, as that is what it is commonly referred to. (By commonly, I mean common among the very very small percent of the population who is active in investing / investing news / or watches Horiemon)



Edit2# what you can write to @RakutenSec:



インタラクティブ・ブローカーズをタイガー・ブローカーズの名前で米国のカストディアンとして使用しているタイガー・ブローカーズは、投票の需要が高いため、ゲームストップの株主に投票させます! タイガー ブローカーが楽天証券と同じように動作する場合、楽天に言い訳はありません! 楽天証券は怠け者で無能だ。

楽天証券無能 (don’t forget the hashtag!!)


According to Rakuten Securities, Interactive Brokers is the custodian of US stocks and your shares is under Rakuten name, not our name, so @RakutenSec will not let shareholders of GameStop vote.

This is just an excuse!

Tiger Brokers, who uses Interactive Brokers as a US custodian under the name of Tiger Brokers, let shareholders of GameStop vote! Tiger brokers works thr same as Rakuten. Rakuten has no excuses when it works for Tiger Brokers! Rakuten is lazy and incompetent.

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*slowly backs away*

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Homophobic woman in Sacramento freaks out because two girls kissed - pretends to care about THE CHILDREN!

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He just solved the world problem

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Thor 4 has officially wrapped

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Smarter than your average bear

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Happy Pride Month

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Forcing People Back into Offices to “Preserve Work Culture” is Ridiculous

So many companies are putting out PR to set the stage for forcing employees back into the office. Why?

Previously, businesses said full time remote work would ruin productivity and the cost to put the infrastructure in place was too high. Well, covid forced the infrastructure to be put in place and drops in productivity didn’t happen. Now business and government are saying they want to preserve company and work culture. And they’re making all these veiled threats about losing out on promotions and being converted to contract employees. Wtf?

I have never been more productive or happy since I started working from home. A small minority of people want to go back to the office. My company has the surveys to prove it. Why force people to do something they don’t want to do, that actually makes them LESS productive, exhausted, and sucks up their free time? Commuting is terrible for the environment, and for employees’ wallets. Why force us back into the office so a vocal minority can have their social hour back at lunch?

I don’t give a shit about company culture. I like having extra money in my pocket. I like not having to spend an extra two hours of my day sitting in traffic. Fuck these CEOs and managers that are forcing employees back into offices because of “culture.”

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