Each ball is travelling in a straight line... but end up in a fantastic illusion!

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Surely there are easier ways to draw blood

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No masks allowed.

This will be short and sweet.

I work for a large tech company that services equipment in the field. My company requires us to wear masks anytime we are on a customer site. We also have our own assessment to see if a location is safe and may remove ourselves if it seems sketchy.

Yesterday I went to a job site that had a no mask policy on the door. It's common here in the south. Usually I ignore it and customers don't care because they need their shit fixed. It's an even trade off.

Well, this customer was polite and suggested I could remove my mask. I kindly told her no and explained it was our company policy. She then explained her company had a no mask policy.

I told her it sounds like we have a conflict of policy and she will need to call my corp office to sort it out. I'm just a worked bee and cannot make policy changes on the spot, so I grabbed my stuff and walked out.

The equipment is leased by us so no one else is allowed to service it. Good luck lady.

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Amounts to serve 100

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That one cat

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June 2021 WWE Releases Megathread

  • Braun Strowman

  • Aleister Black

  • Ruby Riott

  • Lana

  • Santana Garrett

  • Buddy Murphy

More details coming.

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🔥 Mischievous Gorilla

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They're confused

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[Self] I shared my Dead Space cosplay yesterday and I had to show you all the animated health bar!

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