Nashville Fire Radio: Explosive device in RV detonated. Bomb Squad on the way. “Heavy building damage”

Im listening to the Nashville Fire radio.

Crazy shit.

Edit2: Various things that I have heard:

There are victims in one / some of the buildings.

20-30 people evacuated from a building, a few had minor injuries.

It was a RV that exploded, causing significant damage.

A building collapsed. (partial destruction, small old building)

There was / is ammunition in the RV that exploded that is “burning off”

Medical triage setup.

FBI involved

Edit3: channel 2 has live coverage


Taken from a poster below, video of damage. Potentially disturbing:


Confirmed building down, at least partially, on 2nd.


More news links:


Updated with some national links.

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In October I wrapped my brothers birthday present in concrete. For Christmas, he got revenge

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Another close call

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Things the crows have gifted me

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Like many of this country’s finest institutions.

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Nice perspective

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Because the holidays are the hardest time of the year for some people.

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Who else low key is kinda loving this game and is rooting for the devs to finish it and make it better?

I hope the devs brush off all the hate and see this game still has great potential to be loved by many once they fix some things.

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It’s not hard, America.

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Going through withdrawal is no laughing matter

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