Order me to buy your kids expensive gifts for Christmas? Okay then!

So my brothers and sisters basically ordered me and my wife to buy their children(our nieces and nephews) expensive gifts for Christmas because, according to them, we were "well off".

We're not really, were just financially responsible.

But since they asked for it, and its already on the budget, we decided to be vindictive this year.

So for the most amazing Christmas, our nieces and nephews will each get:

5 tubs of Play Dough - which sticks to everything

5kgs of Multi colored Kinetic Sand - which gets everywhere

5 tubs of gooey slime - see all above

5 packs of easy fill Water Baloons

Age appropriate Nerf gun and safety glass.

This should be a fun Christmas.

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A Cow Sliding Down a Hill

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Measuring honey

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LPT: Buying a luxury car isn't the expensive part, maintaining it is.

I worked in the auto industry for several years and this is something I feel is important for people to know. Everyone wants a luxury car and buying them used isn't usually too bad, but when they break and it comes time to fix it; what would normally cost $200 on a Honda is $1,200 on a BMW.

Be mindful of the repair costs on a car before you buy them.

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Feel good inc.

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Man's own defence lawyer conspires with the prosecution and the judge to get him arrested

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My local 7-11 sets the expired food aside and not in the dumpster so the homeless can take them.

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That's my name too!

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True love.

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