LPT: If you are arrested just remember: the police is not your friend and they don't have your interests in mind.

Police officers hate it when you say "no comment" and "I'll wait for a lawyer". There are so many completely legal tactics and tricks the police can employ to get you to confess things. There are so many unpredictable implications of answering even the most innocent questions.

DO NOT say anything to any of them, not the arresting officer, not the guy behind the desk, not the guy who brings you food, no-one. There's a reason why your "right to remain silent" is specifically stated, because it's one of the most important rights you have, so use it!

EDIT: many of you have commented, that this reffers only to the US police. "Miranda warning" (a right to remain silent) originates from US but it's used not only in the US.

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Its Canibis

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It's kinda like olympic medal right?

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Recording A Video..... From 2.5Km Away (1.55 Miles)

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That's so sweet

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Which scene was the saddest?

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Poor sportsmanship from Djokovic during the match against PCB which he lost. a few days after his "pressure is privilege" comment

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The missing puts in an offshore account in Brazil shared on Bloomberg Terminal were hidden to not be shown on the Assets and Liabilities of Commercial Banks in the United States H.8 Federal Reserve Report. I exposed their fraud and now we show the world.


Banks need money to work. An asset means +money, a liability means -money. Assets minus liabilities gets you net money. So if I have $5, I have $5 in assets. If I owe you $3, I have $3 in liabilities. $5 -$3 means I have a net of $2. Why this matters is if that net (row 41, labeled here as "Residual (Assets LESS Liabilities) ") is too low, the banks can be unstable. In the event of a market crash, if they hold a lot of their assets in stocks, they can go net negative and the bank has to close. If a bank has to close, that can trigger other banks to close and everything goes to shit real fast.

This is liabilities vs time, the bigger the slope upwards, the worse it is.

This is liabilities/assets, if it is going up, this means the bank is doing bad, not making as much money. For the back half of July, it only went slightly upward, a steep curve in this would have put fear in the markets.

Assets and Liabilities of Commercial Banks in the United States - H.8 due today at 4:15 PM. Earlier this week we discovered puts that mysteriously showed up in a Bloomberg Terminal screenshot, then disappeared the next day.

Had these losses been kept in a secured financial institution within the United States, they would have needed to be declared in the report. This would have shown a massive loss for whatever institution was holding and would have been seen as a major liability for possibly multiple banks loaning out the credit to HF's.







These losses were moved to a bank in Brazil to not be exposed for the general public to see. They can then keep the losses in the bank in Brazil, possibly declaring bankruptcy overseas to not be risking their loans they have on hand within the U.S. Institution.

Wes Christian has stated in interviews in the past that Hedge Funds have used off-shoring to prevent exposing their naked short positions. He also mentioned that they can be off-shored to subsidiaries of other accounts.

Dr. Trimbath has also mentioned this in her interviews as well.

In Chapter 3 of NakedShortGreedy, Dr. Trimbath meets Wes Christian who exposes more than 1,200 Hedge Funds who off-shore accounts working through various broker-dealers in a pay to order flow system.

Looking further into the document, a sub-note states this: you can't get margin called if there is no margin requirement. This margin requirement was reduced down to 0% after COVID crash in March of 2020.

Gary Gensler, S.E.C., DTCC, NSCC, we DEMAND a fair and free market for all Americans, we DEMAND answers and to have our voices heard. Retweet this, post this, whatever attention is needed to expose this corrupt manipulation that is being handed down to us through a financial system in which we once trusted and now is teetering on collapse because rules are not being enforced by some individuals is the most disheartening thing to see before my eyes and many, many others.

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When you compete against the World record and not the other players

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