CMV: Arguments against universal healthcare are rubbish and without any logical sense

Ok, before you get triggered at my words let’s examine a few things:

  • The most common critic against universal healthcare is ‘I don’t want to pay your medical bills’, that’s blatantly stupid to think about this for a very simple reason, you’re paying insurance, the founding fact about insurance is that ‘YOU COLLECTIVELY PAY FOR SOMEONE PROBLEMS/ERRORS’, if you try to view this in the car industry you can see the point, if you pay a 2000€ insurance per year, in the moment that your car get destroyed in a parking slot and you get 8000-10000€ for fixing it, you’re getting the COLLECTIVE money that other people have spent to cover themselves, but in this case they got used for your benefit, as you can probably imagine this clearly remark this affirmation as stupid and ignorant, because if your original 17.000$ bill was reduced at 300$ OR you get 100% covered by the insurance, it’s ONLY because thousands upon thousands of people pay for this benefit.

  • It generally increase the quality of the care, (let’s just pretend that every first world nation has the same healthcare’s quality for a moment) most of people could have a better service, for sure the 1% of very wealthy people could see their service slightly decreased, but you can still pay for it, right ? In every nation that have public healthcare (I’m 🇮🇹 for reference), you can still CHOOSE to pay for a private service and possibly gaining MORE services, this create another huge problem because there are some nations (not mine in this case) that offer a totally garbage public healthcare, so many people are going to the private, but this is another story .. generally speaking everybody could benefit from that

  • Life saving drugs and other prescriptions would be readily available and prices will be capped: some people REQUIRE some drugs to live (diabetes, schizofrenia and many other diseases), I’m not saying that those should be free (like in most of EU) but asking 300$ for insuline is absolutely inhumane, we are not talking about something that you CHOOSE to take (like an aspiring if you’re slightly cold), or something that you are going to take for, let’s say, a limited amount of time, those are drugs that are require for ALL the life of some people, negating this is absolutely disheartening in my opinion, at least cap their prices to 15-30$ so 99% of people could afford them

  • You will have an healthier population, because let’s be honest, a lot of people are afraid to go to the doctor only because it’s going to cost them some money, or possibly bankrupt them, perhaps this visit could have saved their lives of you could have a diagnose of something very impactful in your life that CAN be treated if catch in time, when you’re not afraid to go to the doctor, everyone could have their diagnosis without thinking about the monetary problems

  • Another silly argument that I always read online is that ‘I don’t want to wait 8 months for an important surgery’, this is utter rubbish my friend, in every country you will wait absolutely nothing for very important operations, sometimes you will get surgery immediately if you get hurt or you have a very important problem, for reference, I once tore my ACL and my meniscus, is was very painful and I wasn’t able to walk properly, after TWO WEEKS I got surgery and I stayed 3 nights in the hospital, with free food and everything included, I spent the enormous cifre of 0€/$ , OBVIOUSLY if you have a very minor problem, something that is NOT threatening or problematic, you will wait 1-2 months, but we are talking about a very minor problem, my father got diagnosed with cancer and hospitalized for 7 days IMMEDIATELY, without even waiting 2 hours to decide or not. Edit : thanks you all for your comments, I will try to read them all but it would be hard

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Rudy Giuliani, live right now. WTF is leaking down the sides of his face?!

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"Men Never Get Compliments!" - I wish they'd be honest about what they actually want

I am so sick of Reddit threads full of men complaining about how they never, ever get compliments from anyone, the poor dears, while every single woman is treated like a pretty pretty princess every day by everyone and showered with adoration. 90% of compliments I've ever gotten came from other women. "Your hair looks great today," "I love your shoes," "you have such a great sense of humor" - all types of things I've heard from other women and told to other women. Why aren't men building each other up the same way? Why does it automatically fall on women to bolster men's self-esteem? And why don't women also compliment men if we're just "naturals" at this? Because these same comments directed to a man suddenly become flirtations. Signs of interest. What is supposed to be received with "thanks, that's nice of you," becomes "dude, she's into me!" And then we're called two-faced for "leading them on" or sticking them in the "friend zone."

And I don't believe they've never received a single compliment in their lives. That other 10% I get comes from parents and work colleagues. You want to seriously tell me your parents never complimented you a day in your life? Or do you just disregard it because all moms tell their kids they look nice or have great potential or what have you. You want to seriously tell me no one at work has ever complimented your performance? You never got any positive professional feedback about your presentation skills or technical mastery of a subject or your quick learning on the job? Bull.

No. They need to stop whining and admit what they actually want - female attention. Otherwise, they'd start complimenting their fellow bros and stop putting the entire task of managing their self-esteem off onto women.

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PSA for those who haven’t realized.

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Turned my back for a minute and she peed in 20 cups of uncooked rice...

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Happy men's day to yall

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First time posting. I’ll delete if repost.

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A sixth grade teacher asks her class how many were Trump fans.

A sixth grade teacher asks her class how many were Trump fans.

Despite them not knowing what a Trump fan was but wanting to be liked by the teacher, they all raised their hands. Well, all except for little Timmy.

The teacher looks over to little Timmy and asks, “Timmy, why are you being different again?”

He says, “well, because I’m not a Trump fan.”

“Why aren’t you a Trump fan?”

“Because I’m a democrat.”

The teacher snuffs and says, “oh really? Why are you a democrat?”

He responds, “well, my mom is a democrat, my dad is a democrat, so I’m a democrat.”

She then says, “Oh really? Then what if your mom was a moron and your dad was an idiot, what would that make you?”

Little Timmy smiles and says, “a Trump fan.”

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Patiently waiting for r/conservative to denounced the Proud Boys

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