Balance and precision.

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Underweight and anxious, to thicc and unbothered

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Wholesome girlfriend

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My bad-ass grandma in the 1930's. She had a lot of brothers and was never really feminine. She taught me I could take care of things on my own and didn't need to rely on others.

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Dear Ubisoft, This is what a Remake Looks Like

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Why do we have to keep including an edit in every post to make sure the comments aren’t filled with “not all men” or “women also do this”?

It’s exhausting. This is a WOMEN’S space. To discuss OUR experiences and perspectives and it’s one of the only ones that exists on Reddit or the internet at large. Why can’t we have this one thing without half of the comments derailing the actual topic at hand?

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Cashiers at Little Caesar's critiquing a robber

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If you want a PS5, you'll get one. It'll all be okay, I promise.

It's not the end of the world. There is 2 months before launch. Don't let the energy burn you out when one day you know you'll be holding that sweet sweet DualSense!

Edit: r/ShopRite is pretty cool

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Thanks, moon.

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UPDATE: My [24m] girlfriend [26f] does unbelievably stupid and self-centered things in public all the time. I'm honestly ashamed to go out with her.

Hey everyone. First I want to apologize for not being active in my last post. A lot of people gave me a lot of helpful comments. While I read through every comment, I didn't respond to thank anyone for their input. Here is my last post linked for your convenience:

Three days after I wrote about her self-centered behavior and cosmic victim complex, she made my decision easy for me. We were at the dollar store and in line at the checkout. My girlfriend got to the register, where the cashier started scanning all 50 or so of the items that we wanted. Our total came up and my girlfriend tried to pay by credit card. The cashier apologetically explained that they weren't taking credit card at the time because their system was acting up all morning. She pointed at the handwritten "cash only" sign that my girlfriend and I had missed. Neither of us had cash on us.

First my girlfriend tried to debate with the cashier, but I had to patiently explain to her that there was nothing the poor woman could do. As my girlfriend argued her point (whatever the fuck it was), the line behind us grew with a lot of very rightfully irritated people. There I was trying to placate my girlfriend as she tried to troubleshoot their equipment as people were audibly groaning behind us. Finally she agreed to take the five minutes to go across the street and withdraw money from the ATM (which shouldn't have been such a big deal in the first place).

My girlfriend told the cashier to keep everything scanned and ready for her to pay when she came back. I was going to interject, but the cashier said "Ma'am, there are people waiting. I can't do that." With a glance at the line my girlfriend retorted with "Oh, they can wait a bit longer." Without a word she left to get some money.

The terrified cashier awkwardly looked at me, seeking permission to cancel the items. I just told her it was fine and to please help the next customer. As person after person paid for their goods I apologized to each individually. They seemed understanding.

My girlfriend got back ten minutes later because she wanted to get an ICEE from the corner shop after withdrawing money. When she noticed the items had to be scanned all over again, she entirely flipped her lid. She started ranting about calling corporate (which I'm not even sure exists for that small dollar store chain), and then talked about posting about it on Twitter. Finally I blew up, yelled at her for being a very selfish person (with expletives), and just walked away.

I'm done. The relationship is done. She is texting me but I'm not even reading them. Holy mother of Christ I really hope the next guy who dates her has the patience of a saint. Or maybe I hope she dates a total self-righteous dickhead who can straighten her out.

TL;DR: my ridiculously selfish girlfriend had a very public meltdown which led to me having a very public meltdown and I dumped her.

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