Oil Rig Workers throwing the Chain. The amount of Skill and Strength these Roughnecks have is just Incredible

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Idk if there's anything more relatable than this 😂😂😂

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/r/NoNewNormal takes misinformation to a whole new level and creates a fake pedophilia subreddit.


This subreddit was created 14 hours ago, conveniently taken private immediately in support of the blackout.

(Note: Since being called out, the created deleted their account and is now using a new account. To see the original support message that was posted, see the screenshot in edit 2)

NoNewNormal then jumps at the chance to declare the protesters the worst. Each of these are new threads.

The coalition against /r/NoNewNormal grows stronger

You know you're on the right side when a literal pedophile Subreddit is your enemy. Thanks for clearing up any doubt in peoples minds

Are you happy NNN? The non offending minor attracted people subreddit has closed its doors because of you! You're on the wrong side of history!

When the people protesting against you are literal pedophiles, you might be on the right side

Since the subreddit is private, we don't have any information on who created the subreddit originally, but you would hope that a subreddit dedicated to doing the real research to discover the truth would bring up the fact that the subreddit was just created.

There is a ton of drama as they declare themselves morally superior to a fake subreddit that has an extremely high probability to be created by one of their subscribers.

Edit: Someone in the comments posted showing who created the subbreddit.

It looks like the subreddit was created by ava30

They are the user which posted this link to the NNN subreddit. This is the first of the posts on NNN linking to that sub.

edit 2:

Ava30 deleted their comment and the moderators removed the threads in response to this post. I'm not aware of any archiving places that work with a quarantined subreddit. If someone has archives of these, please let me know.

Here is a screenshot of the original before it was deleted.


edit 3:

There is a major scramble now in response to this. ava30 has deleted their reddit account to try and cover things up.

There is also this from a moderator.

The drama seems to continue to grow.

edit 4:

It's 5 AM and I need to sleep, but the drama doesn't go away.

Now I'm a shill that orchestrated all of this.

Apparently, I seem to be able to see and know more than they do from their own logs.

(I don't think I need NP to link to this thread? But I'll make them np anyways so nobody can claim foul.)

The investigation at NNN is well underway. Is sneed666, the active covid denier for a year secretly me to take down NNN from the inside? Stay tuned for more details!

Edit 5:

It looks like with the owner deleting their account, MAPMods has became the new moderator of nonoffendingMAP. It's a new account created with the subreddit, likely the same owner on an alt account. They made a sticky post dedicated to me.

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A Vietnamese Fisherman Reeled In A Chinese Torpedo In The South China Sea It's now in the hands of the Vietnamese military and they will likely pick it apart for any intelligence value.

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Capitalism should die

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And im just sitting here, sipping my tea, watching🤣🤣🤣

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Exactly how kids should be with their parents!

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Make this happen

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