Crowded Subway full of people headed to Lollapalooza without masks despite a federal mask mandate

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All I see is a plush chair

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Cop accidentally shoots suspect with gun instead of deploying taser.

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Esteban Ocon wins the 2021 Hungarian Grand Prix! Vettel P2, Hamilton P3

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TIFU by asking a guy if he loved me while we were having sex.

Background: I met this super cute guy on Tinder a few months ago. We aren’t a couple, but I have feelings for him. Also, we have ridiculously incredible sexual chemistry.

I hadn’t seen him in about a month and a half as I had been traveling for work. So he comes over today.

One thing leads to another and we’re in my bed. I’d say that we are both pretty vocal during the deed. There’s a lot of moaning and hyping each other up. So he’s saying things like “I love how you feel” and “youre beautiful” and I am hitting him back with “you are so sexy” and “you feel amazing”.

The scene of the fuckup: So he’s on top. I have my legs pretzeling him. My hands are cupping his neck and he is kind of doing the same. He says, “look at me...”

So I do.

And in my mind I am like I should say something dirty because we are staring into each other’s souls and it’s ridiculously sexy.


For the record...he kept saying things like “I love how you feel” or whatever and so I was going with the same grammatical construction.

And so I am staring him dead in the eye, as he is basically leg locked inside of me, and I tried to ask “do you love fucking me?”

EXCEPT IT CAME OUT AS “Do you fucking love me?” ☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️

To which I realize what I just said and start frantically trying to explain that it’s not what I meant to say, and it’s definitely not a subconscious slip because obviously I don’t love him, but I do like him.

Bless his heart, that he just sort of laughed it off and went back to work.

If he ever wants to see me again, I’ll be surprised.

TLDR; TIFU by trying to talk dirty but accidentally asking the man I like if he loves me, not my 😻.

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Please stop calling me a creep.

I hate this. Ever since highschool girls would call me a creep or that im creepy, or say "ew" about me for pretty much no reason at all. I get. I might not be the most handsome guy in the room, but stop calling me creepy when I'm literally just minding my own business and not even paying any attention to you. Im sitting there alone eating my lunch and daydreaming? in another language "This creep keeps looking at me". Or being told by friends some girls talked about me being creepy which caught me off guard, because I was just having fun with my friends and having a good time... I didnt even look at or make contact with girls in that moment... and yet I'm a creep? How? I did literally nothing.

I can understand not being attractive, but please stop calling guys creeps for no reason. There could be a girl who's existence is not even known to me and they would call me a creep. I hate it. Also don't say "ew" to somebody unless they are actually a disgusting person please. I dont deserve that. Im just trying to live my life and go about my day. I almost avoid interacting with girls now because of this. Thanks.

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Full feminism

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There’s infrastructure, and then there’s Dutch infrastructure.

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