Reddits thoughts about ADC role each season.

So since there has been so much talk about how adc is so bad in the current meta, i decided to check what people thought about the ADC role in earlier seasons, to do this i used "" and searched the term "ADC" filtering by year and taking the most popular posts

For Some reason the earliest posts i can find are from S3

Season 3

2k upvotes: Jinx, Lucian, and Sivir don't need a nerf. Other ADCs need a buff.

1,5k upvotesThe problem is not that ADC's don't do enough damage, its that tanks do too much

Season 4

1,2k upvotes Rito nerfing AD is not the solution.

1k upvotes For Sake of all ADCs, Don't Nerf Lucian

Season 5

2,4k upvotes The ADC's disadvantage

1,5k upvotes Why ADC isn't fun right now: The Death of Agency

Season 6

1,4k upvotes Do ADC players not realize that the meta will ALWAYS be about what is most effective against ADCs?

1k upvotes State of Adc in pre-season

Season 7

6k upvotes Five years ago, Ezreal, Corki and Graves were considered the holy trinity of ADCs.

4,2k upvotes Varus is not OP. It is lethality items that should be getting the nerfs.

1,6k upvotes Why ADC mains complain about getting oneshot with no defensive items

Season 8

3.4k upvotesA Rioter's personal stance on the state of marksmen

1k upvotes The state of ADC´s/Marksman [ SoloQ ] change my mind.

800 upvotes Riot nerfed ADCs, then proceeded to nerf ADC items, and proceeded to nerf shield supports. The recent buffs don't change anything. This is even worse than the ADC 2k17 state

Season 9

6k upvotes 10 months ago: Perkz "All I hear is so many excuses by AD carry players who cant play AD carry." Rekkles "Try playing ADC and see how it feels".

4,4k upvotesProposed ADC changes are mostly just a nerf, detailed explanation [long post]

4,2k upvotes Sneaky and Rekkles haven't played an ADC yet

1,2k upvotesI hate playing ADC but I like playing ADC'S.

Season 10

Thats today go search it yourself ):<

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