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In 1937 goalkeeper Sam Bartram was left alone after football match got canceled due to heavy fog. He stood there about 15 minutes until policeman informed him that game was canceled.

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I feel like free speech is dead and having an opinion or experience that’s different from the majority is frowned upon.

I recently realized to say anything that goes against the masses instantly leaves you to be tore apart by wolves so to speak.

I’m gay and because I don’t agree with so much of the Lgbt community and what they stand for I’m instantly called so many hateful things and bombarded with msgs trying to “cancel me” and get me fired and more. When you point out the hate that exists within the community it’s ignored completely and you end up labeled as this that or the other.

It’s like I’m not allowed to have an opinion if it doesn’t match what they believe.

Even if you prefer trump over Biden the masses attack you left right and centre despite what facts you bring to the table and for e.g if you comment on here on a political post that you are going to support Trump you are attacked so much you are left feeling like you have no choice but to delete your post or comment.

What happened to people being allowed to express their beliefs and opinions on things without feeling like they will be condemned or attacked by the masses that disagree.

It’s ok to have different opinions than other people. Attacking in mob mentality is doing more harm than good and it will affect everybody in the future if it doesn’t come to a stop now.

It’s a sad sad time when you can’t express yourself without everyone jumping on the butthurt band wagon and forcing others to be quiet or say nothing.

It will come back around and one day when it happens to you or has serious consequences for people as a whole it will be to late and we will realize free speech does not exist anymore.

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Screw Apple, Screw Google, And Screw Epic Games

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People who advocate for weed and its medicinal benefits don’t actually care about the medicinal part. The majority just want to get stoned without getting judged for it.

“I smoke a bowl each night so I can actually fall asleep”

“My.. leg.. hurts, so I smoke weed for it”

“Have you heard what weed can do for your [insert health problem here]? Try smoking indica, it’ll clear that right up”

Let’s not kid ourselves. The grand majority of people who smoke pot do it to get high. Of course there are people who do have legitimate health stuff that they treat with weed, but come on. Most people are just trying to get stoned but don’t feel comfortable enough to admit it, so they blame it on a health reason. You’re most likely not smoking because you get headaches, but rather because you want to binge watch Netflix and eat a pint of Ben & Jerry’s without people giving you shit for it.

EDIT: Not sure where some of you are getting the idea that I don't want weed to be legal from this post. I'm all for legalizing weed. This post has nothing to do with legalization. My whole point was that most people who smoke pot do it to get stoned but use it as a medical excuse so that other people won't judge them. Should people judge them? No, but there is a still a stigma attached to pot.

EDIT: I also clearly stated in this post that I know there are people who do smoke it for medical reasons and it helps. Once again, I never said that it didn't. All I am saying is that the grand majority are just trying to get stoned lol.

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Dolly Parton the Queen

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A chilling realization

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Sometimes its nice to look at the bright side of things.

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My wife is divorcing me due to her having an affair. I've been with my two little girls every day of their lives and now Im only going to get to see them every other week. Those of you that have been through this, how did you cope with the hurt of being away from your children?

My daughters are 6 and 7 and I've been away from them a total of maybe 10 days of their entire lives. I read them bedtime stories, I wrestle with them, I tickle them, I feed and bathe them and I pray with them every night. Now I'm having to move away for a job that will allow me enough money to live on my own and I will only get to see them twice a month, or whatever the standard is for divorce and I am having a hard time holding it together.

I'm in therapy, but it isn't helping. I'm afraid of the first day I sit down in my apartment after work at night and realize there's no one there. I'm not going to see or hear my girls run to the door yelling "daddy!" again.

How do you men that have children that are truly your own heart running around outside of your body cope with something like this? How did you get through it? How does it still affect you?

I suppose I know there will be nothing that any one of you can say to make the pain of that go away, but maybe there's insight out there that I haven't considered or heard that can help a little.

I would really appreciate anything here.

Edit: There are too many messages to respond to individually but I just wanted to say thank you so much for the advice and moreso, the encouragement. Y'all have done more good for me taking two minutes to type out a message than you might realize. Thank you again very, very much.

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