Earnings Call will now ALSO be streamed via Gamestop's Youtube Channel. Let's get this shit TRENDING and bring on the FOMOers

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Homeless man with a sense of humor

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Adult lions pretend to be hurt by the bites of their cub to encourage their strength.

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Today was catnip trimming day at the greenhouse. It’s Harry’s favorite day.

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Gross mismanagement of quizzes

"Question 9, what is the name of James Bond's secretary?"

Easy, it's Mary Goodnight. It just is. That's a fact. Immutable. James Bond's secretary IS Mary Goodnight. After she replaced Loelia Ponsonby.

"Answer 9: Miss Moneypenny."

What? No! That's M's secretary! That's just wrong! It's factually incorrect. In no way is Moneypenny Bond's secretary.

But that doesn't matter when "Quizmaster's word is final", and they don't accept being corrected. Well what's the point of the quiz if the answers can just be anything unrelated to the question?

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I had a meeting with Texas State Legislators 8 hours ago. It's 4am, and I'm still pissed.

They discussed what the recently passed Texas "Heartbeat" abortion bill does in more detail than is what is often reported.

It's not enough for them that they are removing women's bodily autonomy, and denying abortions even in cases of rape and incest.

No, they are so against women's rights they made it so the attorney general won't be the one bringing about charges for any illegal abortions, instead, any anti-choice yokels that wish to fuck over women's rights are in charge of filing. (Sec. 171.208)

Anyone who has have anything to do with the abortion can be charged by these asshats. Clinic escorts, insurance provider claims workers, people who drive the woman to get an abortion, janitors that clean the clinic, bosses who give time off for an abortion, people who lend money for them to get an abortion. People could potentially be charged for donating to Planned Parenthood under this law!(a)(2)

The minimum penalty for being found to have "aided and abetted" an abortion is $10,000.(b)(2) Oh, and they want to claim that no federal court other than the Supreme Court can overturn these laws and the state will ignore all other rulings on this.(Sec. 171.211) (Sec.171.212)

They literally are choosing to try and abolish the power of one of the branches of government just to deny us reproductive freedom.

I'm so done. I'm fucking done. I am not less than human! I deserve my goddamn rights. And those rights include my body. We will find a way to persevere and beat this. But until then, I hope every Legislator who voted for this gets their testicles caught in an angle grinder with a masonry blade on it.

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I wish I was a veteran starterpack

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Soft drinks from all over Europe

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Shareholder Meeting- I DID NOT DO ANY INTERVIEWS

Hi apes! Yes I surprised everyone by showing up to the shareholders meeting today. Due to car trouble, I wasn't able to make it as early as I had hoped to be able to stream. Rough 24 hrs to get to Dallas for this meeting. But can't stop won't stop.

I went and spoke to the gentleman standing outside HQ doors when I arrived, and was told only shareholders with certain proxy info were allowed inside, which I didn't qualify for as a broker held shareholder. Also that NO MEDIA PHOTOGRAPHY/ LIVESTREAM WAS ALLOWED ON THE PROPERTY- INDOOR OR OUT. But I was told we would be welcome to film from across the street. He also said he had heard of Superstonk which got me hype.

Upon setting up, a CNBC camera man came and got a live feed of the apes that were set up there. He was a camera man, not a producer or interviewer. He was getting live B roll footage. Which yes, I got a little cute for and said hello. They asked for details to share with his producer about the apes. So I told him what subreddit we were members of, and that we like the stock. And I made it clear I DO NOT REPRESENT ANYONE. I am just 1 of many administrators and moderators on the subreddit. In fact, I made it very clear that there was NO ORGANIZATION because I didn't want the story twisted by mainstream media about why anyone was there. u/BodySurfDan was there for that conversation, as were several other apes.



After the meeting, I intended to stream with the apes that went inside and I was gathering them and talking to them to go live, but we were asked to leave the location immediately by the property owners. And that's when our livestream had to end, so as to respect the private property rules from the owner. That's it. That was the whole crazy 15 minutes.

Hope that clears some BS up. I went through hell to get here and get a camera on HQ somehow. Hope the real apes understand.

Just had a civil conversation. Haven’t done any interviews.✌

Edit: words, spaces, punctuation, and clarified a pronoun.

Edit 2: when I said "we're talking to CNBC right now, say Hi superstonk!" Or whatever the exact quote was... I was literally talking about the live CNBC camera in our face, filming all of us.

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I can't believe they did it..

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