A movie quote from 22 years ago and they still don’t get it

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The mould effect.

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It’s only the second day of school term and the other mums have already ostracised me.

Apparently being a working mother means I don’t have time for the important things like the ‘get to know each other brunch’ and my tattoos ‘send the wrong message about the other mums’.

I’m sorry, did I accidentally step into the 19-fucking-50’s?

Update: just found out that the main Karen’s husband works for a company that I hire as a third party, and he doesn’t like her either.

Update 2: WOW! I left my phone to the side whilst I attended some meetings and came back to this! Thank you to everyone who gave an award (Gold - are you kidding me?! Thank you!)

Update 3: Upon collecting my son I made sure to have more tattoos on show because, quite frankly, discrimination of any kind infuriates me (and I’ve been known to be petty!). Once in the playground I was greeted by the headteacher who was a huge fan, and we had a great chat about body art and modification. Karen did some staring but didn’t rear her head again!

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(March 2020) Mob of teenage boys viciously beat and stomp teenage girl. Some time later, one of the boys is murdered in retaliation

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To make a cute video how wind is playing with my sundress

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One Piece chapter 1025 spoilers

Korean source, confirmed by Redon-

Title- " Image of the Double Dragon " (It's related with Koizumi Junsaku's "Twin Dragons" in Kennin-ji temple from Higashiyama (Kioto). Oda visited there a few years ago)

- Momonosuke can't fly easily because he is scared of heights. So, Luffy pushes Momonosuke to do it.

- We see Kaido vs Yamato continuing.

- Momonosuke is flying with his eyes closed, so he can't directly go to the roof. He rushes to the roof by headbutting Onigashima's dome.

- Luffy in snakeman attacks with Gear 4: Jet Culverin and Yamato attacks too, both at the same time against Kaido.

- Momonosuke and Kaido end up facing each other in the form of dragons (like in the image).

Momo scared of Kaido


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Allowing yourself to get out of shape in a marriage is not fair to your partner

I believe if when you get married, you allow yourself to get out of shape, you are selfish. On one hand, the argument can be made that love doesn’t care, but one the other hand, it is the best way to admit you don’t care anymore. This is the same thing as no longer cleaning, not caring how you present yourself to your spouse, and over all lack of effort in physical attraction.

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This is creepy and disgusting

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if i dont have to do anything i wont and i have to ill make it quick and save energy

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Not all heroes wear capes

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