My Grandfather and I in Tokyo, 73 years apart

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Actually though

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Time we back the boys in blue

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QAnon’s findings...

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My unborn child absorbed it’s twin and now my wife resents it.

At our 10 week scan we were told we were having twins. Having tried for 7+ years and this being our first real pregnancy, my wife was ecstatic. Cue a few weeks later our doctor is checking for heartbeats and he only finds 1. We go for another ultrasound and one of our twins had died and been absorbed by the other, which is why my wife had no glaring miscarriage symptoms. At first she was fine. Then she started joking that our baby would grow up to be a serial killer as “he already has 1 checked off”. Soon it was becoming clear that the idea our unborn fetus somehow murdered its twin intentionally was no longer a joke in my wife’s mind. I tried explaining the fetus had passed on its own, it hadn’t been absorbed to death. This didn’t work so I asked our doctor, her gynaecologist, her mother, her sister and her dad to all try explaining it too but it was no use. She has fully convinced herself that our unborn child is a murderer.

I really don’t know what to do. My mom tells me she’ll go “back to normal” when her pregnancy hormones drop but I am really concerned as I know the drop in hormones can actually make people even more unpredictable and I hate to say this about my wife, but dangerous. I don’t want to leave her. We’ve waited so long to be parents together and I know this isn’t my wife, she is just grieving. The multiple ultrasounds have put us badly in the negative after already being screwed over by covid so we can’t afford therapy for a little while.

Any advice? thanks

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As an EU viewer trying to watch LCS, having 8 play-off teams shows the league is struggling to generate interrest and is psuedo-hyping bad teams

And "DIGNITAS ARE IN PLAY-OFFS and will COMPETE for the LCS CHAMPIONSHIP" could be the ending quote as the Nexus falls. But who are we kidding?

Play-Offs in NA should this year be called Play-Oofs because just imagine how bad the 9th & 10th place teams are if they could not make it in, despite having 2 more spots to battle for.

Truth is, the top 4 of NA is solid. TL, C9, FLY and TSM. They wont rock anyone at Worlds, but they can be hard to beat or potentially punch someone back.

But the bottom 6 teams are just trash. How does a team like GGS or CLG or IMT generate any interrest? What people are fans of these teams?

Ill throw this out because I believe this is true. If NA still had relegation, the bottom teams would not be THIS bad. They would still be bad, but not complacent while being bad.

Things need to change. Come out with information to what is required to get kicked out of the league. Zero effort, Zero investment etc..

These trash teams only do 1 thing in the league, and that is raising the salary standards, since they are run by idiots with VC money and have no idea what they are doing.

Unwatchable LCS. Only 4 team league.

Edit: I never intended on this being an EU GOOD NA BAD post. I am critiqing the way LCS is being handled and the teams playing in it. Im a fan of western LoL as a whole, and LCS stands for half of that. Bottom feeders are doing bare minimum and broadcast is not adapting. That is the point of the post. Not hating on a region.

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It’s not rude to cough around smokers

When someone smokes around you it is not only disgusting for you and it naturally makes you cough. But it is also very bad for your health. So we should be entitled to cover our mouth or cough to protect our health. It isn’t rude to do that.

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This view of lightning from an airplane

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[OC] Bedroom Toys (remastered)

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In coroline (2009) mr bobinsky appears to be wearing a chernobyl clean up medal which most likely explains his blue skin

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