Match Thread: 4th Test - India vs England, Day 3

4th Test, India tour of England at London

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India191 (Ov 61.3)
England290 (Ov 84)
India108/1 (Ov 42)
Cheteshwar Pujara*142166.67
Rohit Sharma4713135.88
Moeen Ali260
Craig Overton390
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Day 3 - Session 1: India lead by 9 runs. CRR: 2.57

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Feeling high, still on ground

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Josh Denny, failed Food Network host and so-called comedian weighs in on women’s rights.

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This get's deleted in 10..9..8..7.. well

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TIFU by telling my friend that her dog isn’t non-binary.

This happened during lunch when she excitedly brought her dog along. It’s a super cute “labradoodle” and she has had him for 3 weeks now. Like most new dog owners she talked a lot about this dog and how smart he is, how he is with other dogs and people, etc. I didn’t mind of course, if it made her happy then why not!

An hour or so into lunch I noticed she kept referring to the dog as “it” and “they” I asked what gender the dog is and she gave me such a look. “…THEY are non-binary. THEY do not have a gender.” Er… what? She really took me surprise and then I laughed thinking she was joking. Well, she wasn’t…

I then made the mistake of saying that it’s a bit silly to be that way about her dog. It’s not like the dog can tell her that HE doesn’t identify as a gender. She was furious when I said that and the rest of the lunch was awkward as hell, even after changing the subject.

TLDR; TIFU by telling my friend over lunch that her new adorable labradoodle dog isn’t non-binary.

Edit: actually thought I was going to get hate for this, glad to know I’m not a total bad person.

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Sea horse giving birth

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Which one deserved better?

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found my first game while cleaning out my old desk this past weekend

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A quiet street in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

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Going to start claiming my jizz as dependents on my taxes.

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