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Sophie is perfect

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Luke Walton's .431 winning percentage with the Sacramento Kings makes him the 2nd best coach in franchise history

Below are the top 10 coaches in Sacramento Kings history, based on winning percentage.

This is only counting Kings coaches from 1985 on, which is when the franchise moved to Sacramento.

  • .633 Rick Adelman (395-229)

  • .431 Luke Walton (31-41)

  • .415 Reggie Theus (44-62)

  • .403 Phil Johnson (81-120)

  • .403 Garry St. Jean (159-236)

  • .402 Eric Musselman (33-49)

  • .398 Dave Joerger (98-148)

  • .393 George Karl (44-68)

  • .386 Rex Hughes (22-35)

  • .368 Mike Malone (39-67)

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PsBattle: Michelle Obama on a slide, followed by a Secret Service Agent.

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Protesters Surround USPS Postmaster General DeJoy's house.

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Some Ballots from the August 9th Belarusian Election Were Found In A Boiler Room in Brest, Belarus.

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Surprising his brother

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Faith restored

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Lake McDonald, Montana. David Rule.

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Mother-in-law reads message

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