Who says we have to grow up?

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Genuine Tortilla

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I just remembered this scene from paper mario anf felt the need to share it with you guys

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Pet's love never fades

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Obama says that Republicans foster a victim complex in white males. r/conservative takes great offense to this.

Currently on the front page of r/conservative, a post links an article from the DailyMail:

"Barack Obama accuses Republicans of creating 'sense that white males are victims."

Apparently angered by this, many users decry Obama as racebaiting and "full of shit" and "a piece of shit." In an effort to prove Obama wrong, users go on both the offensive and defensive regarding their identity as white males...

  • "No, we have just noticed that the Left blames one group for all society’s issues, despite the fact that same group literally created the country." [link]

  • "There is a man who wouldn’t have gotten nowhere had he been white." [link]

  • "More likely Republicans are responding to the legitimate complaints from white males that they are being attacked by all kinds of groups including big media and the Democratic party. Anyone who doubts that merely needs to listen to the words from leading Dems about inequity that blames white culture or watch movies and commercials that portray white males as being the villain or a moron that must be saved by a female or minority character." [link]

  • "Why do you care if we're white (you racist asshole)?" [link]

  • "I'd say that at this point white males are victims, at least if you go by woke logic." [link]

  • "White men are not victims. Christian men and women were the ones most often victimized by the abhorrent policies of Obama" [link]

  • "Not victims. Just scapegoats for everyone else's shit choices in life and thier fears" [link]

Full thread here: https://np.reddit.com/r/Conservative/comments/k11fhk/barack_obama_accuses_republicans_of_creating/

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His laugh made me crack up

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Surprise motherlover

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Extremely Rare Black and Red Fox.

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