I’m not even that frustrated about the PS exclusives for The Avengers at this point. I’m frustrated because people are continually defending exclusivity, then making it seem like Xbox players are in the wrong for being upset.

EDIT: WOW, looks like most of you all are in agreement with me! I’ve decided that I’m simply not going to buy the game, but rather buy some older games and play those for a while. GameStop is having a B2G2 sale right now, so I’m getting all the Guitar Heroes and Rock Bands and I’m going to beat those on 360. I’m currently looking for some instruments, which I’m looking forward to. Just vote with your wallet everyone. Have a nice day ❤️

When the announcement first came out yesterday, of course I was naturally upset as many of us are.

Spider-Man is without a doubt one of the most popular superheroes of all time, especially with the success of his movies in the MCU. So of course fans of the character are going to be upset that they can’t play as him given that the game is on all consoles.

It’s incredibly frustrating as I just want exclusivities gone for good across ALL consoles. They can add cosmetics and what have you, that doesn’t bother me. But locking entire characters and missions behind one console is absolutely absurd for any game.

But the thing that’s pissing me off the most is seeing people defending this crap, then making it seem like Xbox players are somehow in the wrong.

I don’t care who owns what or who did what, exclusivities are trash at the end of the day.

Sony has their own original exclusive games, which is absolutely fine with me. Microsoft also has their own original exclusive games, which is absolutely fine with me.

But when you’re taking well known IP and making it exclusive to one console when we’re all playing the same damn game? No, that’s not cool in the slightest.

That’s like making Green Arrow an Xbox exclusive for Injustice. Or making Black Canary an Xbox exclusive for the next Batman game. That doesn’t sound fair at all does it?

Once you start making well known characters exclusive to one console, it shouldn’t matter who owns the god damn characters at that point. The point is, one console is getting more for the same price. Not only that, but they’re getting a very popular superhero at that.

Xbox players have every right to be upset, and I’m so sick of people playing this petty ass game where they brag or make excuses for this crap.

PlayStation players back in the day had to wait for DLC and didn’t get access to a few skins, that’s literally it. Other than a few one offs, it was never anything massive.

Xbox players are having entire sections of freaking games locked off when we’re all playing the same game. There have been about 3 AAA games in the past few years that have locked off an entire section of a game just so it can be exclusive to PlayStation. It’s ridiculous, and I’m tired of people saying we’re all acting entitled.

What happened on last gen is nothing in comparison to what’s going on right now, and it’s so mind blowing that people are trying to compare these two exclusivity deals to each other.

Get rid of cross platform game exclusivities, period. If they wanna get exclusive skins or an exclusive soundtrack or whatever the hell, that’s cool with me. But when it starts getting down to ACTUAL GAMEPLAY, let all consoles experience the same thing.

Sony should’ve made Spider-Man available for all consoles, and made a skin pack exclusive to PlayStation players. They should’ve put all the movie costumes in a skin pack, and made it exclusive. That would’ve been cool, and fair.

And what’s even more funny? Venom 2 was supposed to come out this year, so imagine what Sony had up their sleeves to promote the movie.

If Microsoft came out and said Captain Marvel would be an Xbox exclusive, or Red Hulk or some shit, I bet this conversation would be completely different in the PlayStation community. But no one is willing to put themselves into each other’s footsteps anymore. All people do is brag and make excuses.

I’m done for the year.

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