Coronavirus: New positive case with no history of overseas travel or contact - 11/08

Apologies on the incorrect figure in the title, there are 4 cases, the Spinoff inaccuratly reported the total just prior to the press conference

Auckland to go into Level 3 from tomorrow 12:00 for 3 days. Rest of NZ to go to Level 2

Four confirmed cases in one family acquired from an unknown source.

Other than the first case, there are 6 family members in the household. Three have returned positive results, three have returned negative.

First case is a man in his 50s in the Auckland region, who tested positive for Covid-19 after a swab yesterday and has no history of overseas travel.

One case is a child. The child does not attend an early childhood facility. The two adult cases had quite obvious symptoms.

There is currently no link to a managed isolation facility or a high risk individual such as those who work at the border.

The person is understood to have had symptoms for five days. He is currently being interviewed by Auckland Regional Public Health.

All close contacts will be tested and will remain in self-isolation for 14 days. Further details, including any information about a regional change in alert level, is expected to come from the prime minister and the director general of health in the coming minutes.

More than one workplace is involved. We are not talking about one distinct suburb in Auckland.


All people working at the border, or in managed isolation facilities will be tested. Will seek to test 10,000's over the coming days.

We expect to find more cases, and we want to find all other cases as soon as possible.

There are four testing centers in Auckland: Northcote, Grafton, Henderson, Wiri. Staffing levels are being increased immediately. Additional pop up sites will be opened.

If youre offered a test get it. If you are unwell, where ever you live in Auckland, stay home.

Resurgence Plan

Resurgence plan is now being activated. It's based on what we have learnt and seen in resurgences overseas. This is based on the cases we know in front of us.

Auckland to go into Level 3 from tomorrow 12:00 for 3 days until Midnight Friday

Auckland is considered to be Wellsford to Pukekohe.

Roadblocks will be in place.

People in Auckland must stay home to stop the spread. Act as if you have COVID. Stay at home in your bubble.

You must work from home unless you're an essential service worker.

All schools to close except for the children of essential service workers.

All public facilities, bars, restaurants must close.

Gatherings are restricted including weddings, funerals etc.

Travelling in and out of Auckland is prohibited.

If you are in Auckland and dont reside there typically, you can return home, but be careful.

Rest of New Zealand to go to Level 2 over the same time period

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Turkish driver unloads soil onto the road rage driver he had an issue with

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I asked my mum to make me a face mask. I guess even after 40 years I’m still her little boy!

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Some light hearted Belarus content

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An ancient relic

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TIFU by lazily watching porn and not finding out what I was getting into before watching

First off, I‘m pretty sure no one reads the related keywords for porn as long as the title and thumbnail are appealing. But if y’all do, then you’re smart.

This has only happened once to me but after this happened... I’ll just say, I learned my motherfucking lesson and it ain’t happening again. Those titles can be a bit UN-DESCRIPTIVE as HELL apparently and I’m about to tell y’all why I now have god damn trust issues.

I was at home relaxing and missing my man because he was at work and I was horny. So I did what anyone would do in that situation and pulled out the old iPad/vibrator combo and started scanning for hot videos. I watched a good bit of videos. Some good, some boring. But all were fine, ya know? until this one video... this one video. I won’t go into full detail on what all was in it but all you need to know for now is there was anal in it. I clicked this video bc it had a very generic title like “hardcore anal session with petite blonde Susie floozy” (not the exact name but u get the point) and a generic thumbnail.

So, ya know, I was expecting a generic video. Either way I’m already close at this point and need to let it rip.

It was normal, at first. and I was getting into it. I was ready to GO. You know when you’re in that perfect spot like a few moments from when you’re about to cum? Where nothing matters to you at all except what you are doing right the fuck now? The house could catch on fire and your ass ain’t moving till you finish? You aren’t mad at anything in the world. Perfect bliss and desperation. Yea, that’s where I was at.

Until it happened... that fateful moment when my orgasm became Game Of Thrones. It started out amazing and then it was taken away and quickly ruined for good.

As this pornstar is getting piled-drived into oblivion over the couch.......

she. starts. shitting herself.

Allot. Everywhere. And allot. And did I mention it was EVERYWHERE?? OR that she was shitting herself?? I froze dead in my tracks in shock and then I became even more shocked when the guy KEPT GOING... He liked it...... He started saying shit like “Mm oh damn baby you couldn’t hold it in could you?”


I closed my iPad fast as hell and just sat there, cold, and dead inside. Winter had come, but not me. There was no chance it was coming back either, not after that.

So Pornhub- There is no need to trick a bitch. When the kink is that extreme, put it in the title ffs.

And lastly, my fellow Redditors- check the god damn tags/description on a porn next time you’re watching it. Also make sure to exit that shit out before your boyfriend gets home so he doesn’t use your iPad and then be scared to touch you for a week bc he thinks you wanna shit on his dick.

TLDR: I tried to relax and watch porn, but didn’t properly check the tags and ended up pranking myself with shit porn, killing an orgasm and then making my boyfriend think I wanted to shit on him.

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No taking photos of how unsafe the school was when we reopened because that makes us look bad

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A teacher uses upward airflow to guide a paper airplane

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Say hello to Marjory, she may be from 1995 but she's still kicking

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It's a good song

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